Top Machine Learning Companies

Top Machine Learning Companies

Top Machine Learning Companies : Rebellion Research likes to think we have the best Machine Learning and so we should be considered the best Machine Learning Company in the world.

But excluding us and our Machine Learning Investing platform the following is a ranking we have put together of our take on the best of the best. We take a look at the global Machine Learning competition and have the following winners:

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  1. Nvidia : The Global Leader and the “King” in our view!
  2. Facebook : With Yann LeCun at the helm and endless capital and data it is hard to compete with Facebook!
  3. Apple : Having even more endless capital than Facebook but less data puts Apple slightly behind!
  4. Google : Google also is in the endless capital and data club, but machine learning development is not considered as vast as the first 3.
  5. Amazon : Amazon also has endless capital and data, but has by far the weakest human capital of the top 5. Amazon is not the desired location for top engineers.

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We will update our Machine Learning list as time evolves. These five companies have certanly taken a large lead over many others. However, there is still great development in Machine Learning research occuring at the academic and individual levels currently.

Machine Learning is a technology that will not stop changing our future, we look forward to watching our planet evolve with the advent of this technology throughout society.