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Top 10 Quants On Wall Street 2023

Top 10 Quants On Wall Street 2023

Trading and Investing

Our choice for the best of the best for 2023! (males only)

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud

Jean-Philippe Bouchaud Chairman and Head of research Capital Fund Management

Hans Buehler

Hans Buehler Co-CEO XTX Markets

Peter Cotton

Peter Cotton Chief Data Scientist at ExodusPoint Capital Management, LP

Tony Berkman

Tony Berkman Managing Director Two Sigma

Gordon Ritter

Gordon Ritter CIO Ritter Alpha, LP

Alex Lipton

Alex Lipton Global Head, Quantitative R&D, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Marcos Lopez de Prado

Marcos Lopez de Prado Global Head Quantitative R&D Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

Giuseppe Paleologo

Giuseppe Paleologo Head Of Risk Management Hudson River Trading

Carson Boneck

Carson Boneck Chief Data Officer Balyasny Asset Management L.P.

Julius Gaudio

Julius Gaudio Managing Member D. E. Shaw

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Top 10 Quants On Wall Street 2023