Today’s Noise – Happy, Happy Monday – It’s a good day to start a good week

Today’s Noise – Happy, Happy Monday – It’s a good day to start a good week

Top Traders Slammed in First Half_ United States Investing Championship Results – I wonder how WSJ’s monkeys performed, couldn’t be worse

Circumzenithal arc

‘I’m so bearish that I’m bullish – I know what you mean, want to be contrarian and say the market should still puke but seems like many feel the same way – then again market still based on incorrect earnings estimate, IMO

Mathematical derivation

There Will Be 1 Billion Cryptocurrency Users Worldwide By 2030, Says BCG Report – besides Pizza Guy how many big ‘losers’

René Descartes’s sketch of how primary and secondary rainbows are formed

Three Arrows founders break silence over collapse of crypto hedge fund – what was their risk management done in Microsoft Word – I mean seriously, such a lame excuse, to me the downside was always close to zero


Kevin Gahwyler has over 28 years of experience in the hedge fund industry in various investment and C-Suite roles. Mr. Gahwyler is currently a Managing Director and Head of Business Development at Meteora Capital, LLC. A SPAC specialist that invests in the entire SPAC ecosphere through both closed-end funds as well as a hedge fund. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Gahwyler was the COO and Director of Business Development of Measure 8 Ventures Management, LLC. In addition, before Measure 8, he was the President/CFO of Navy Capital Management, LLC. And Chief Operating Officer/Director of Business Development of Twin Securities, Inc. Kevin was also the founder of KenCole Capital. An investment bank boutique specializing in hedge fund structures and marketing and served in senior marketing roles at both Pequot Capital and Sagamore Hill.

Lastly, Kevin graduated from Fairfield University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. And from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a Masters in International Management.

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Today’s Noise – Happy, Happy Monday – It’s a good day to start a good week