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Thinknum Alternative Data : Innovative Alternative Data Platform

Thinknum Alternative Data : A Conversation with Co-Founder Justin Zhen

Thinknum Alternative Data is a unique alternative data platform cofounded by Justin Zhen and Gregory Ugwi in 2014.

Their platform began as a tool for financial modeling collaboration between investors, but it has since evolved into a system that collects alternative data from the Internet that is readily available for access by investors and corporations.

Thinknum monitors thousands of public and private companies’ online activity and aggregates data into a single platform with important information and statistics that may be overlooked or inaccessible.

Even though this data is public, Zhen states that Thinknum’s innovative machine learning technology differentiates itself from common investment methods due to its ability to track data trails and analyze company operations to evaluate their performance.

In turn, this data enables investors to make calculated decisions and potentially gain insights into new investment opportunities.

Additionally, Thinknum’s technology provides access to a variety of datasets, in which users can track specific data such as companies’ social media interactions, store location demographics, product pricing data, hiring trends or government contracts.

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With companies constantly conducting business operations online, data is constantly being created. The utilization of Thinknum helps analysts track the companies of their choosing in real-­‐time and customize their own data queries to stay up to date on changing data.

Zhen also highlights the fact that this continuously updated company information enables users to discover trends in certain markets as they are able to screen many companies at once, using unique datasets. Thus, analysts can make more accurate company growth and revenue projections.

The platform’s simplicity and comprehensive database across many industries appeals largely to clients as it gives financial analysts the tools they need to make important connections.

Furthermore, the extensive offerings and reasonable pricing of the platform appeals to a wide range of clientele in need of a method to track data with ease. Thinknum is growing rapidly and will continue to expand to new lengths in the near future.

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