The Ultimate Guide to Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to Expand Your Company

The Ultimate Guide to Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to Expand Your Company


Seeking a means by which to expand your company’s operations? Making advances is easier with the help of LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s rapid growth has made it an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes. LinkedIn members use the site to connect with potential employees, clients, and business partners, as well as to promote themselves and their companies. 

Client acquisition, lead generation, transaction closure, revenue growth, and prospect tracking are some benefits you may expect from using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. Several tools within this platform can accelerate the expansion of your company. 

In this piece, we’ll discuss the various ways in which you may integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator into your organization, as well as offer advice on how to get the most out of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator membership. What follows is intriguing, so keep reading!

The Workings of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator 

To find new leads and organize sales pipelines, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can become used as a premium service. It’s a way for salespeople to use LinkedIn’s massive user base to make connections and close deals. 

In contrast to the 1000+ searches and 40+ search filters available on the common LinkedIn platform each month for job-seekers, experts, and employers, the Sales Navigator gives sales representatives and marketers unrestricted access. LinkedIn’s extensive B2B database can aid lead generation, communication, and transaction closure. 

What Are the Advantages?

If you regularly use more than 40 search filters on LinkedIn in a given month, Sales Navigator may be worth considering. When you reach this point, you’ll need to keep looking for new customers, and the Sales Navigator is your best bet. Here, therefore, are a few advantages the LinkedIn Sales Navigator can give your company: 

  • You can conduct as many targeted audience searches as possible with all the available tools. 
  • You can narrow down your leads’ details by using filters. In addition, you export Sales Navigator leads to Excel easily.
  • The actions of potential customers will trigger alerts for your review. You will be informed of any changes in leadership, features, functions, or responsibilities.

Primary Features 

For companies serious about expanding their customer base, generating more income, and connecting with new leads, Sales Navigator is a must-have tool. As a business expands, it can take advantage of several excellent and novel options. In the following paragraphs, we will briefly describe the aspects that we find most useful. 

Maintain a Database of Potential Customers. 

With Sales Navigator, you can track your prospects’ recent actions without resorting to unsolicited mailings. You can monitor shifts in responsibility and employment status using the “Spotlight” section. You may also set up notifications for when potential customers talk about their experiences or are mentioned in the media. 

This inspires you to insightful posts and discussion starters that can help you make essential relationships immediately. To further narrow your search for compatible leads, you may use the ‘Share Experiences With You’ filter. Additionally, you can use the ‘Interested In’ filter to zero in on the leads you can assist and the best way. 

Lead Alerts 

You can create categorized lists of your favorite searches and leads. Lists can be further organized and tracked using tags and comments on LinkedIn. Lead connections, company profiles, and direct messaging are also available. 

Based on your past searches, saved leads, sales preferences, and profile views, Navigation Sales will make personalized “Lead Recommendations” for you to follow up with. 

The ‘Sales Preferences’ option can be enabled in your preferences. You’ll be able to tailor your suggestions to different industries, regions, functions, and levels of management this way. 

View Similar 

Utilizing the View Similar option will help you discover new prospects for your company. With this function, you can find up to a hundred prospects with a single query. In addition, it enables you to reuse the same method for contacting different prospects. 

You can access this function by typing “target market” into the search field. After deciding on a potential customer, you may click the “View Similar” button. 

The most effective strategy is to tailor an outreach message to each specific audience using their unique keywords and filters. This streamlines the following up with all the leads uncovered by each “View Similar” query.

The Ultimate Guide to Using LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to Expand Your Company