The List Of Top Web Sources To Help With Coding

The List Of Top Web Sources To Help With Coding

By choosing the correct direction of your educational path, you can succeed faster and be more effective in your studies. If coding is a dream area for you in your future career, you need to explore some valuable resources to help you with coding. Among such resources are networking websites, coding-reference websites, and educational platforms. By the way, when you are at the initial stage of studying coding, some aspects may seem tricky for you. There is an option to relieve stress and get coding help from a reliable service online.

Proficient programmers would gladly guide you through any assignment and help with issues you might consider impossible to beat. Read the list below to get details on other valuable resources helpful in programming. 

Web sources to learn to code

We believe that the most effective way to start resolving your coding issues effectively is by improving your skills by continuously learning. Here are some web resources we recommend to consider:

Khan Academy

By entering this educational establishment, you would discover all the benefits of getting free quality knowledge. Established in 2008 by Harvard University alumni, Khan Academy has grown into a powerful organization. The mission of the academy is to allow talented students to receive the knowledge they strive to get in terms of their professional development. There are several courses in the field of coding you can choose in Khan Academy. Among the advantages is the well-organized remote learning opportunity as students can study from anywhere by entering the academy’s website online. The popularity of the learning platform is proved by the fact that the resource was translated into 36 languages. A suitable interface allows easy sorting and choosing the desired coding course.


The platform specializes in educational coding programs available to study online. Founded in 2012 and with Harvard University involved in the platform’s establishment, edX now has grown into a vital resource appreciated by thousands of students from all over the world. The platform combines courses offered by more than 60 schools and partners with more than 90 educational establishments globally. Among the disciplines to study are computer languages, engineering, computer science, and many others. Most of the edX courses are available free online.


The resource offers endless possibilities for those who are looking for courses that help with learning coding. Both skilled specialists and total beginners can find unlimited opportunities to widen their knowledge and certification for infinite networking possibilities. The educational process is concentrated around video lessons. A certification program offered by this resource is called Techdegree and is based on the Treehouse educational platform. It allows getting a certification in any programming and computer science area. Moreover, the community developed by Treehouse gives its members endless career and educational opportunities.


Multiple educational areas can be explored within Coursera, one of the most potent and successful online platforms for education. The website allows students to choose from hundreds of courses, get certificates, study free, and more. Nowadays, Coursera is an extensive resource that hosts more than a thousand courses offered by more than a hundred educational institutions. Among the partners of Coursera are Stanford, Vanderbilt, and other highly esteemed universities from all over the world. You can study coding in several languages, including Chinese. Accessible from any part of the globe, programming courses at Coursera are perfect for those who need support in coding.

Web sources to join a coding community

Sharing industry news, effective networking, getting endless job opportunities, making new industry friends, and other benefits are open for coding communities. Find out more about some of the best communities below:


This perfect web resource supports online face-to-face meetings with your local community members. Several volunteers helping to organize meetings inform members about schedules and agendas and keep everybody updated on the latest community news and effectively support the project. Within Meetup, coders are looking for networking, great job opportunities, help each other in resolving complicated programming issues, communicate, and build local communities.


TechCrunch is a blog that has grown into a large online community that continuously shares news and ideas in terms of the coding field. The resource’s aims are technology startups and companies operating in computer and science around the world. Moreover, the blog is a conference organizer, and among them is the popular conference Disrupt. This educational and networking event brings together skilled coders and start-ups that share their experiences with the community. The conference attendees share speeches and conversations and are available for questions.

Web sources for coding reference and debugging

Coders can use some excellent online tools for resolving complex programming codes and debugging. Here are the most effective and popular ones:

Stack Overflow

This is a combination of a coding reference resource and a community. The relatively new website shows great results with sharing coding experience, asking questions to each other in terms of their programs, and answering questions of other programmers with the various rooms on the platform. Most of the questions are related to Python and JavaScript. However, you can find questions in any computing area on request.

Mozilla Developer Network

You can find on this valuable online resource several references to various APIs, tutorials, and more. The website is built as an online encyclopedia and allows reading loads of valuable details in various coding categories. The resource is a project of an initiative group of developers willing to help community members resolve complex coding issues. The network is perfect for maintaining syntax solutions, checking the compatibility of the resource on various devices, and more.

We believe that our list of top web sources to help with coding will become your practical guide in resolving your coding issues. It helps to remember that learning and sharing your knowledge is among the effective keys to success in any area, especially in programming. We wish you good luck with your coding efforts!

The List Of Top Web Sources To Help With Coding