The Innovative Games of the Online Casino Industry

The Innovative Games of the Online Casino Industry


The online casino industry is thriving worldwide, from Europe to the United States.

From Stanford to MIT the best schools offer whole programs on developing games. See MIT’s Lab: MIT Game Lab.

Much of that is due to the recent pandemic, although that would only tell half the story.

Yes, players were stopped from going to physical locations, and some of those customers filtered through to the online casino world. Otherwise known as iGaming, it was one of the few industries to thrive throughout 2020 and 2021. With Forbes reporting a 139% increase in revenue between 2020 and 2021. That might be partly due to necessity, but it is also attributable to the extremely agile industry.

It embraces new technology, with innovations such as AI in customer service helping understand gamers and their needs. You might have visited an online casino and noticed many of the suggested games are ones you’d like to play; that’s because the AI within the system gets to know you through your login, much like the algorithms of Google and Amazon.

However, to offer you the games you wish to play. Moroever, online casinos must first have a selection of games and an extensive selection at that. Think of it this way; it’s like a real casino watched every step you took around the floor, then met you at the door the next time you came in and directed you to games like the ones you’d played previously. The difference is an online provider has more branded games, themed games and variations on standard offerings than a real casino could ever hope to have.

You may find yourself logging in to an online provider and being offered games you previously had little knowledge of. If that’s the case, we explain a selection of the newer genres here.


Slingo is a game type that sprung up in the nineties and has become a staple for online providers. It is a hybrid of online slots and bingo, where a spinning wheel reveals the numbers to cross off on your bingo card. All the games come with different styles and themes in much the same manner as a normal online slot. The Slingo titles on Cheeky Bingo include Friends Slingo and Slingo Who Want to Be a Millionaire, which are popular television shows repurposed for the game. This means not only are you getting a different style of game to typical online slots, but the branding is familiar to ensure you feel partly at home playing along.

Live Games

Live games are exactly as they sound; casino games which are presented by a live dealer, as if in an actual location. This might be a classic game, such as blackjack or roulette, but some providers have developed the idea further. There are Wheel of Fortune style games to enjoy now, some with the dealer in a costume, such as the fairytale character Alice in Wonderland. These types of games rely heavily on good connection and social interaction as well as the game itself. You’re likely to be offered these by providers if you’re a regular on standard casino games, such as roulette, and they run in much the same manner as you’d expect in a casino.

Jackpot Slots

All slots have a jackpot; otherwise, what would be the point? However, your typical online slot will have a ceiling, so the jackpot may be $1,000 and no more. That’s the most you can win, it never changes, and the game runs within those accepted parameters. Jackpot slots are different; the total you can win rises, an outcome of other players failing to win. For instance, if you’re playing the branded jackpot slot Top Cat Most Wanted, which is offered by a couple of developers, you’ll notice before clicking into the game that a cumulative total is displayed on the icon on the menu screen. It might be $100,000, sometimes it goes up to $1,000,000. This total might be for that title alone, or the total might apply to a group of games. The more people play, the higher the prize pot, until eventually, someone takes the lot.

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