Tesla Safety Score : Safest In The United States?

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Tesla Safety Score : Safest In The United States? Tesla with autopilot technology is roughly ten times safer than regular passenger vehicles in the United States according to the below release by Tesla:


Moreover, the actual statistics for the Tesla Autopilot technology in 2021’s fourth quarter were one crash in every 4.31 miles driven which is in a class all of its own.

Tesla is already turning heads with their continued bullish stance on production. Tesla has a goal of over 1 million vehicles sold in 2022 which would represent a growth rate of over 50% from 2021. As a result of Tesla’s extremely high valuation it has attracted a cult of bears around the stock. Furthermore, this group of investors is constantly shorting and covering their positions, creating volatility in the stock.

Musk has continually said that the Tesla Autopilot technology would yield much higher safety rates. Deadly crashes that made the media caused many detractors to question the safety of Autopilot. However, Musk has always maintained that there will be crashes as no system is perfect. But, when comparing human vs Autopilot, the machine has a clear advantage. Lastly, humans are passionate and irrational, which will always lead to worse performance with heavy machinery than computers.

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Tesla Safety Score : Safest In The United States?