Tesla Cybertruck Review

Tesla Cybertruck Review : Tesla always attracts a lot of attention when Elon releases a new product. Of course, Tesla is the global EV leader. On November 21, 2019, Tesla launched a highly controversial pickup truck, the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck Review

Some people may argue that Tesla did not do any market research before launching this truck, which may lead the company to destruction. However, there has always been a considerable number of opponents on the usefulness of market research.

In the era of horse carriages, the research options will only ask you what kind of horses, how many horses… No one will ask you whether you want a car or an airplane, even if you’re going to choose, that’s useless because there are no such options at all.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck Innovative Design or Just Marketing Genius?

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I always believe that one of the designers’ missions is not to deliver the current design but to bring the future to the user. Tesla Cybertruck undoubtedly fulfills the future. The ideal form of an electric truck should not have been what a traditional car looks like today. Moreover, just like it’s completely different from a conventional vehicle and a horse carriage in history.

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Of course, Tesla Cybertruck still has something to improve. If you want to say 2.9 seconds of acceleration performance. Then Cyberbertuck has no equals. However, from the perspective of demand, acceleration performance is not the core of pickup users.

Moreover, the truck’s thermal management is still weak and cannot withstand frequent full-power acceleration. However, the real attraction of Tesla Cybertruck is not the product itself, but the “halo effect” that this product brings to Tesla fans, giving Tesla fans enough to show their “technology pioneer” status.

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Rather than “What kind of car is Cybertruck,” I think it is more important to discuss “What Cybertruck brings to the automotive world.” Therefore, I did not describe 30X steel or the Roadster steering wheel in this review.

But what will the interior look like? How will it be furnished?

Will Spartan conditions be the norm? Can you protect the car interior? Will it be built in a format so that protecting the vinyl and leather won’t be a consideration?

In conclusionhe story of Tesla’s 15-year history can be summarized with two questions: “Why can’t a car be electric?” and “Why can’t a car be intelligent?”

Tesla Cybetruck Review

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