Tesla Cybertruck To Have 4-Motor Option, Elon Musk Tweets

But, when will we actually get to drive one?

Tesla Cybertruck To Have 4-Motor Option, Elon Musk Tweets With Elon’s announcement, some are guessing the Cybertruck Quad edition will be priced at $89,000. In addition, it will be produced for a while before the 300 mile range Dual Motor begins production.   Today’s news really changes the pricing.  

Moreover, goodbye to the $39,000 Cybertruck version.  
In addition, goodbye to the $69,000 version.   
What will the dual motor cost if it ever hits the market?

Tesla Cybertruck Review : Is Tesla’s Futurist Truck a genius move?

Tesla’s first car was an impractical roadster. Their first mass market car was a premium car. 

This history shows a particular pattern. Elon and Tesla don’t play the price point game.  Tesla will sell out the Cybertruck at $125k for a 4 motor variant. As a result, the question is:

Why would Tesla focus on lower priced models that will have a compressed margin?

Furthermore, with the current shortage of everything from spare parts to electronics.

Moreover, why apply vital Tesla resources to a lower profit potential?

A higher price point is the current strategy in manufacturing Tesla’s existing lineup. As a result, the more expensive (higher margin) cars get priority.

Unfortunately Tesla has these shortages and they are not even able to fully ramp up their current production models. 

So now everyone who had dreams of purchasing a Cybertruck for $40-50k is probably out of luck.

Tesla Cybertruck To Have 4-Motor Option, Elon Musk Tweets

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