Tesla Ai Day 2022

Tesla Ai Day 2022

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

I had a great time at Tesla’s AI day 2022. Elon and Tesla’s engineers showcased a prototype of their humanoid robot and highlighted their advances in autonomous driving. I thought I’d share my opinion on the presentation.

1. Optimus – Impressed with the engineering team’s rapid progress in putting together a working prototype in such a short period of time. Powered by advances in vision and language models, I think this robot has tremendous potential.

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Tesla finds itself perfectly positioned to develop an intelligent robot given its strengths in AI, perception, battery tech, and manufacturing. The same computer used in Tesla vehicles powers the current prototype and uses similar vision models for perception.

2. Full Self Driving – Occupancy networks seem to work quite well to develop a 3D model of the surrounding environment. Their lane detection became inspired by advances in language models and reflects an emerging trend – the convergence of vision-language models.

Significant advances were made in their simulation and auto-labeling pipeline.

I was impressed by how easy it was for one person to recreate large parts of San Francisco in their simulator. Their team is betting big on NeRFs and differentiable rendering.

3. Dojo Supercomputer – This was by far the most impressive segment of the presentation for me. It takes an incredible amount of engineering effort and ingenuity to develop custom hardware accelerators from scratch.

The complexity involved in designing the power delivery systems, compute units, I/O and networking, workload schedulers, compilers, distributed training algorithms, and custom PyTorch extensions is beyond my capacity to convey.

Massive shout-out to their data engineering team which has to work closely with both the hardware and software folks to optimize the data loading pipeline and keep their models fed with enough data to make the best use of the hardware accelerators.

4. After the presentation, I got to enjoy a ride in the Model S Plaid in addition experienced 0-60mph in 1.9s. The last time I did this was during AI day 2021, and it was just as much fun the second time.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing more awesome engineering from Tesla.

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Written by Sanket Gupte

Tesla Ai Day 2022

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning