Supply Chain Bottleneck Boosts Profits

How well is this logistics industry doing during this supply chain bottlneck at US ports?

Supply Chain Bottleneck Boosts Profits The current supply chain bottleneck that is hampering America and driving up prices around the nation is all anyone can talk about. Furthermore, Americans have an innability to look beyond their own spending. As a result of this bottleneck prices for shipping and the end goods themsleves have been jumping all over.

Moreover, shipping rates from china have doubled, and in some cases quadrupled for major manufacturers.

Smaller players will see the highest rate hikes vs the larger players who can negotiate with greater leverage.

But, at the end of the day are the tankers making money?

Yes! And lots of it!

As a result of the increased demand and higher prices being paid, we take a look at the bottom line of Starbulk Carriers, ticker SBLK. Furthermore, we see just two weeks ago this tanker management firm initiating a mind-boggling 24% quarterly dividend!!

Will that dividend be sustained of course is the investor question, but the fact that a public company can initiate such a dividend now is stunning!

Supply Chain Bottleneck Boosts Profits
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