Starlink Space Junk : Space’s Newest Risk?

Do we need to worry about SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Network?

Starlink Space Junk : Space’s Newest Risk? Elon Musk’s space company, SpaceX is building out the largest satellite network in the history of the world. Known as Starlink, it will comprise thousands of low-earth orbit satellites that will be able to provide internet all over the world. Hailed as a globe-changing phenomenon, the idea of Starlink is to bring internet to the poorest parts of the world on top of everywhere else that wants it. Moreover, potentially creating an educational boom among the poorest demographics of the world who will suddenly enjoy internet.

But, there is a dark side to this network. Potential collissions with other space objects!

With 1,600 satellites satellites among the Starlink network, the space around earth will see more action then it ever has.

Furthermore, we just witnessed Russia peform a missile test in space. Moreover, a missile test that frightened the Pentagon, NASA and every scientist who understands how space works.

If the Russian satellite detonated in the recent test is now all over. The fragments from the satellite could damage our ISS, International Space Station or any other satellites in orbit. But, if the space station receives damage, then it is at risk of losing air and its astronaut inhabitants could face real risk.

But, back to Starlink.

Will we see traffic accidents in space the way we do on earth? WIll this become the way of the future?

In conclusion, Elon Musk has continually assured the press and investors that the Starlink Internet network of satellites is completely safe and well managed. Lastly, let’s hope Elon is correct while preparing for the worst.

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Starlink Space Junk : Space’s Newest Risk?