Soviet Union’s Space Support Fleet

NASA Astronaut Tom Jones

Soviet Union’s Space Support Fleet. The Soviet Union had a dedicated Space Support Fleet while its USA counterpart relied solely on missile tracking ships. 

The Soviet Space Fleet is often divided into small, big and medium.

The big was the most impressive that followed the age of small. Starting from 1967 when NIS (R/V) Kosmonavt Vladimir Komarov launched. Followed by NIS (R/V) Akademik Sergey Korolev in 1970 and finally by mighty NIS (R/V) Kosmonavt Yuri Gagarin in 1971.

Notably all three had involvement in Soyuz-Apollo mission support. Needless to mention that all Soviet assets related to the space program were acting under ‘military umbrella’. Even though wearing a civilian outfit. 

In addition, the Big trio was followed by a quartet of medium size ships of the Selena-2 project in 1977-78. Lastly, that closed the fine era of Space Fleet, last being active until 2015.

In conclusion, the picture below shows the Russian Space Support ship NIS Kosmonavt Yuri Gagarin.

Soviet Union’s Space Support Fleet

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