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Soviet Submarine Collision

Soviet Submarine Collision

K-314 – Soviet torpedo nuclear submarine of project 671 Ruff.

Laid on September 5, 1970 at the Novoadmiralteysky Shipyard, launched on March 28, 1972.

K-314 was part of the Northern Fleet. March 21, 1984 during the US-Korean exercise “Team Spirit-84”, being in the center of the American aircraft carrier group of ships, on surfacing collided with the American aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). 

As a result of the strike, the submarine received damage to the light hull, the guards of the retractable devices, the right stabilizer, the propeller, and, having lost speed, was forced to surface. 

After inspection from the Vladivostok BOD, the boat was towed and taken to Chazhma Bay, where it was docked for emergency repairs. The Kitty Hawk also received damage. Kitty Hawk’s bottom was damaged for 40 meters and upon arrival at the Subic Bay base in the Philippines was also docked.

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Soviet Submarine Collision