Sony Car Unveiled At CES

Sony Car Unveiled At CES Could your next car be a Sony?

Possibly, but you’ll have to wait a bit.

Sony doesn’t even know when it will be available to the public.

While best known for consumer electronics devices like the PlayStation game console, Sony soon may start building electric vehicles, as well.

Sony’s chairman Kenichiro Yoshida said the following:

“With our imaging and sensing, cloud, 5G and entertainment technologies combined with our content mastery, we believe Sony is well positioned as a creative entertainment company to redefine mobility.”

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Market Analyst Richard Windsor, ho works for research company Radio Free Mobile. Moreover, wrote about his skepticism regarding Sony’s entry into the crowded electric car market. 

“I have seen this cycle many times and it always follows the same pattern,” he said. “It happened with web portals, feature phones, smartphone user interfaces, app stores, AI chips and so on.

“Everyone decides to make one but only a few are any good… EVs are the latest and this cycle is likely to be particularly painful.

“For example, a good quality vehicle will have doors that open and close in exactly the same place, multiple times a day for more than 10 years. This is much harder than it sounds to produce but is central to the user’s experience of the vehicle,” he wrote. 

But, this move is not a surprise to anyone as there are obviously financial gains available to manufacturers who want to enter the electric vehicle market. This upward trend should continue well into the next 10-20 years for anything related to electric vehicles.

In conclusion, one wonders if Sony has the scale and capital to enter this competitive market?

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Sony Car Unveiled At CES

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