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Solar Power Requirements Include Too Much Land

Solar Power Requirements Include Too Much Land. Germany’s largest solar park just opened and it is a great visual argument in favor of nuclear power.

Just to the north of the city of Werneuchen, Germany located in the Barnim region of Brandenburg, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG plans to construct a solar park with an output of more than 187 MW. This will be the first major solar project constructed without large government subsidies.

Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is banking on the high demand for “clean energy“.

Not on the actual energy-making efficiencies of the solar park.
Hydrogen Powered Trains

Moreover, 465,000 solar modules produce electricity for only 50,000 households. In order to cover Germany’s annual electricity needs, one requires 3500 times the area.

Note that the “3500 times” is a rough estimate depending on which year you use. It’s probably between 2800-3500.

Does that size area even exist within German borders?


Additionally, this would still not work, because there is no way to store this much energy for night time.

Solar Panels & Solar Parks / Solar Farms have a number of disadvantages:

1) Firstly, solar panels need regular cleaning, or else you lose 10 to 20% of your expected output.

2) Secondly, solar panels begin to lose efficiency when the temperature rises to 77 degrees.

At that point, for every degree increase in temperature above 77 degrees, a solar panel loses efficiency by the rate of its temperature coefficient.

3) Thirdly, batteries don’t work well in extreme heat or cold.

4) Fourthly, you need fences and or 24/7 guards.

5) Furthermore, you need mega-meters of wiring (again easily stolen in a place like Africa).

6) Lastly, the glass can get sandblasted to opacity in a few months depending on the geographic location.

Solar Power Requirements Include Too Much Land

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