Seth Weissman Urban Standard Capital

Seth Weissman Urban Standard Capital CEO & Founder Discusses Real Estate in New York

Who is Seth Weissman Urban Standard Capital CEO?

Seth Weissman Urban Standard Capital CEO, Founder and President of Urban Standard Capital (USC), a fully integrated real estate private equity firm, focused on debt and equity investments in the New York City metropolitan market.

The firm manages $300M of real estate equity and debt investments across its platforms. Prior to founding Urban Standard Capital, Seth worked in the real estate private equity group of Perry Capital, a multi-strategy hedge fund. Prior to Perry Capital, Seth was a member of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking Division. Seth earned his BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Seth has been featured in The New York Times, New York Post, New York Magazine and other leading publications and has been a featured speaker at the Institute for Private Investors (IPI), the Pratt Institute, UBS, Enterprise Community Partners and Deutsche Bank.

Seth previously served on Community Board 4 (Chelsea and Hells Kitchen) as a member of both the Preservation and Planning Committee and the Housing, Health, and Human Services Committee.

Additionally, Seth is the founder of Real Estate Has Your Back (#REHasYourBack) which provides support for communities in need throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Urban Standard’s Story

Urban Standard is a real estate investment company with three lines of business: ground-up development, renovation of existing properties & short term financing solutions within New York City. The three verticals do not exist in a vacuum, but rather speak to each other amplifying our knowledge of each. Our experience investing on the equity side helps us make informed lending decisions as we can easily put ourselves in the shoes of our borrowers.

We are one of the few investors in our space with quickly deployable, committed capital allowing us to seize on opportunities beyond the reach of our competitors.

The foundations of our strategy are predictive asset identification, thorough underwriting and quick execution. We are immersed in New York City’s real estate landscape—not just professionally, but also personally. Our founder and senior investment professionals are native New Yorkers with an understanding of its minute complexities and neighborhood trends. Whether as the developer or lender, we have a passion for transforming properties into desirable real estate assets for tenants and investors alike.

As investors and developers, we’re responsible risk-takers, with exacting attention to detail.  We are decisive, forward thinkers determined to turn new opportunities into new successes.

Seth Weissman Urban Standard Capital

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