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The Lawrenceville School

Tuition Fee: $64000
How hard to get in? 13%


The Lawrenceville School

Review of The Lawrenceville School: A Blend of Prestige and Excellence


The Lawrenceville School, often regarded as one of the most prestigious boarding schools in America, has a reputation for academic excellence and a strong sense of tradition. Located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, it attracts a diverse and elite student body, including many from affluent backgrounds.

Academic Rigor and Innovative Curriculum

Lawrenceville is known for its rigorous academic program, designed to challenge and inspire its students. The school offers a wide array of courses, including numerous Advanced Placement (AP) options, and is known for its innovative Harkness table teaching method, which encourages discussion and intellectual collaboration among students.

Campus and Facilities

The sprawling, picturesque campus of Lawrenceville boasts historic architecture blended with modern facilities. The school features state-of-the-art academic buildings, a comprehensive library, advanced science and technology labs, and impressive arts and athletic facilities. The campus embodies a sense of prestige and history while providing a dynamic learning environment.

Student Body and Diversity

While Lawrenceville has a reputation as a school for the affluent, it also prides itself on having a diverse student population. The school offers substantial financial aid to ensure that talented students from various socio-economic backgrounds can attend. This diversity enriches the school’s culture and learning environment.

Extracurricular Engagement

Lawrenceville offers a broad range of extracurricular activities, including competitive sports, performing arts, clubs, and volunteer opportunities. These activities are integral to the school’s ethos, promoting leadership, teamwork, creativity, and social responsibility.

College Preparation

The school’s college preparatory focus is evident in its college counseling program and the success of its graduates. Lawrenceville students are consistently admitted to the most prestigious universities in the United States and abroad, prepared not just academically but also in their personal growth and understanding of global issues.

Tradition and Community

Lawrenceville is steeped in tradition, which plays a significant role in the school’s identity. This includes longstanding customs and ceremonies that foster a strong sense of community and belonging among students and alumni.


The Lawrenceville School stands as a symbol of prestige in American secondary education, known for its academic rigor, diverse and talented student body, and commitment to preparing students for success in college and beyond. Despite its reputation as a school for the wealthy, Lawrenceville’s dedication to diversity and inclusion, along with its scholarship programs, demonstrates its commitment to providing a top-tier education to a broad spectrum of students.

The Lawrenceville School The Lawrenceville School