Scapa Flow Wrecks : In Pictures

Scapa Flow Wrecks : In Pictures. The wrecks at Scapa Flow represents a legendary diving site that may only be outdone by Truk Lagoon!

Scapa Flow in 1912.
Scapa Flow in April 1942
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Scapa Flow - Churchill Barrier 1 - kingsley - 29-JUN-09.JPG
View of Scapa Flow from atop Churchill Barrier #1 (along Highway A961), furthermore, this viewpoint is located between Lamb Holm Island & Mainland Orkney Island.
Moreover, the four Churchill Barriers have a total length of 2.4km.

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The three König-class battleships Kronprinz Wilhelm, Markgraf & König lie close together on the seabed of Scapa. Old shipwreck in the Churchill barriers, Orkney
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Petroleum tankers wait at anchor in Scapa Flow.
To protect the British Fleet during the early part of WW2 ships were deliberately sunk in the eastern approaches to Scapa to prevent German U-Boats from getting amongst the ships at anchor.
Kronprinz Wilheim
Royal Oak wreck
HMS Royal Oak
E5GFA2 1939 Evening News (London) front page reporting sinking HMS Royal Oak

Sinking Of HMS Royal Oak By U-47

Broken German Navy teacup.
SMS Karlsruhe
The Battle of Jutland by Hadrian Jeffs

In conclusion, be safe if you decide to make the voyage. As a result of years of wrecks, it can be very dangerous. Furthermore, it is a cold diving site so it is not for those with a cardiological problem, or the “faint of heart”.

Lastly, when considering visiting the wrecks at Scapa use an approved diving company. Scapa Flow Wrecks

Moreover, make sure to practice your diving quite a bit at home first, to make sure your experience is up to the level that is required for such a wreck site as Scapa.

But, if you decide not to dive, you can visit and take in the beautiful surroundings and take in lots of great naval history all over the area. Additionally, the hotels are reasonably prices and offer some great meals and warm and hospitable service.

In conclusion, Orkney is a delightful part of the world and well worth a visit for any traveler looking for a new adventure!