Texas School Shooter Kills 14 Children

Texas School Shooter Kills 14 Children

Apparently, a school shooter in San Antonio, Texas is now in custody.

Uvalde, Texas lives a carefree life. But, that cool American way of living comes to an end today. Add Uvalde and San Antonio to the grim brotherhood of global cities afflicted by school shootings.

Apparently an 18-year-old went on a shooting rampage today. He has also died apparently.

This is still a developing story.

Continued gun violence in schools frightens parents across the country. How can we responsibly guard our schools? What if anything can or will we learn from this tragic event? How can such a horrific crime become such a common occurrence?

Uvalde, Texas, is located about 90 minutes west of San Antonio.

Undoubtedly this event will trigger another nationwide discussion on gun safety. In addition, gun control. And lastly, what guns we want sold in our stores in America.

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Texas School Shooter Kills 14 Children