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Russian Ukraine Invasion Updates

Russian Ukraine Invasion Updates Reports indicate that Poland 🇵🇱 will transfer 23 MIG-29s to Ukraine.

As a result, the United States 🇺🇸 will provide F16s to Poland as replacements.

In addition, Ukrainian pilots are already in Poland.

A Russian convoy heading towards Kyiv is now stretched out over at least 17 miles, with breaks in between, 2-3 rows deep in some areas. 20miles north of Antonov Airport. Moreover, it is still unclear if it will head straight for the city or join forces with other troops first.

Furthermore, the convoy also seems to be visible in Sentinel-1 radar imagery, showing how it stretches beyond the extent of the optical image. Feb 16 vs. today. @sentinel_hub

A Russian Armored personnel carrier is on fire during a fight with the Ukrainian armed forces in Kharkiv on Feb. 26.

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Russian Ukraine Invasion Updates