They explained it as improving the sustainability of the Russian economy in the face of sanctions. Moreover, the list of goods and brands approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, they reported yesterday. Is now available below:

They approved the parallel import of Tesla, Land Rover, Jeep, Jaguar, Chrysler, Bently, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Hummer, Rover, GMC, Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack. In addition, spare parts from Cummins, Deutz, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen, Toyota, Volvo, Scania, tires Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, electronic components, consumer electronics Electrolux, Miele, Siemens, Dyson, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Siemens, HP, Huawei, Lenovo; game consoles XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo, totally more than 50 groups of products, including textiles, leather goods, clothing, fur, perfumes, equipment and mechanical devices.

The list of goods includes industrial equipment, including mining, electricity, rail, shipping, and agriculture.

Parallel imports are the importation of original goods into the country by persons who do not have documented consent from the right holder to import the goods. Products are imported not through an accredited distributor, but through alternative channels. Furthermore, according to the Russian law, for parallel imports the company-importer must pay compensation to the right holder in the amount of up to 5 million rubles (about 65k USD). In addition, the goods must be destroyed. Thus, now import of products without the right holder’s permission is legalized.

In Russia, the individual entrepreneurs and companies under the simplified system of taxation pay tax on income at the rate of 6% in total. 

Moreover, there are two types of simplified taxation in Russia:

Firstly, income, you pay taxes under the simplified tax system only on the income received. Earned 10 million rubles – paid 600 thousand rubles at a rate of 6%.

Income minus expenses, pay taxes only on the profits, earned 10 million rubles, spent 5 million rubles – paid 750 thousand rubles at the rate of 15%.

Companies and individual entrepreneurs who comply with the two limits can work on the simplified tax system:

Annual income – no more than 150 million rubles (2 million USD);

The average number of staff for the year – not more than 100 employees.

Crisis is an opportunity.

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