Russia Invades Ukraine

Russia Invades Ukraine Russia is moving ahead in its attack. 

This is the port of Ochakiv burning this morning. It is a bit ironic that Putin wants to “de-Nazify” Ukraine when Zelensky is Jewish. What navy Ukraine has will have elements of it at this port.

Ukraine says Russian shelling has already killed at least eight people, as Russia says its operations pose no threat to civilians.

Terrified Ukrainians across the country rushed to bomb shelters as dawn broke, while air raids warnings sounded in the capital.⁠

Broadcasting live from his phone, President Volodymyr Zelensky said he would declare nationwide martial law and urged Ukrainians to stay home.⁠

“Don’t panic. We are strong, we are ready for everything. We will defeat everyone. Because we are Ukraine.”⁠
-The president said.
Fall Of Afghanistan w/ US Army Intelligence Officer & Middle East Expert Michael Pregent

To many this invasion is more Bismark than Hitler. Putin is playing realpolitik, or the politics of ideology. This doesn’t really alter the fact of invasion (Bismarck started several wars to create Germany), but understanding what Putin is doing and why will be essential to any resolution of this crisis. The Nazi/Commie hyperbole escalates and distracts from understanding.

Why is Russia looking to China for help?

Putin is quite shrewd and has outplayed the west in this since 2014. Bismarck exercised restraint so long as it served his purpose. Bismarck did not have restraint in either Denmark or France. Maybe in Austria in 1866. But honestly, I think the Ukraine crisis is more analogous to the Second Silesian War than to anything Hitler or Stalin did. Putin previously has shown both restraint and proportionality. It remains to be seen how he handles this.

Strength Of Russian Military

Citizens are pouring out of Kiev. Moldova just announced, “The President of Moldova Maia Sandu has announced a State of Emergency for the county due to the ongoing Invasion of Ukraine from Russian Forces and that they are ready and willing to accept Ukrainian refugees.” 

Will Sanctions Hurt Russia?

This is the most striking instance of international highway robbery that I have had the displeasure to witness since Saddam Hussein descended on Kuwait in 1990.

Russia Invades Ukraine