RebellionTV Educational Online TV

RebellionTV Educational Online TV Boasts Stellar 2021 Winter Lineup

RebellionTV Educational Online TV

Join Alexander Fleiss, founder of Rebellion Research, as he interviews entrepreneurs, experts, astronauts, and scientists to pull back the curtain on everything from Nuclear Submarines to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Physics Nobel Prize Winner MIT Prof Frank Wilczek on String Theory, Gravitation, Newton & Big Bang

NASA Astronaut Rhea Seddon : First Female Astronaut Class of 6 Member

Becoming a Navy SEAL : Former United States Navy Seal Lt George Hodgin on Mental Toughness & PTSD

RebellionTV Educational Online TV

Who we are

Rebellion Research is a global machine learning think tank, artificial intelligence financial advisor & hedge fund. Brokerage accounts can be opened in over 70 countries and our research coverage spans over 50 countries. We use a proprietary Machine Learning to make global economic assessments with a 14 year history of outperforming the S&P 500.

Rebellion Research’s AI investing program actively monitors the front page news and we are surprised by how much it is filled with ambitious CEOs with their aspirations and wisdom, as investors are more intrigued by stories of charismatic leaders like Elon Musk and his grand plans of revolutionizing the auto industry. However, few analysts and even executives really pay attention to the execution phase of the business. More specifically, many overlook the financial planning and analysis of the operations, from budget control to working capital management. AI investing is different, however, in that we do not miss on important factors like this. In this volatile time following the pandemic, Rebellion Research would like to examine this backbone of the businesses as it is directly linked to the very survival of the companies.