Real Estate Lawyer : All Important Things You Need To Know

Real Estate Lawyer : All Important Things You Need To Know


If you’re looking to buy or sell a home then you’ll need all the info and help you can get as it isn’t that simple of a process. That’s why generally it’s recommended to get a real estate lawyer to help you and make the process far smoother than it would otherwise be. However, it can be difficult to choose one, and also even more difficult to know what questions to ask them once you find the right one. We’ll go over all of this today so that you can have an easier time and hopefully avoid a lot of headaches. Let’s get into what makes a good real estate lawyer and what to ask them. 

What to look for?

Credentials – the most basic thing you need to look for is someone who is qualified for the job and has all the necessary credentials. This is the bare minimum but it still needs to be mentioned as it is so important. 

Experience – you will want someone who not only has the proper credentials, but also someone who has experience in the field for some time. New real estate lawyers are not necessarily bad but they’re certainly on average not as good as those who have been in the game for a while and know all the ins and outs.

Price – it’s of course important to look at the prices of each lawyer. Keep in mind that generally better lawyers will charge more, but you shouldn’t empty your pocket completely. Try to find someone who fits your other criteria but still falls nicely into your budget

Trustworthy – ask around, especially if friends and family have experience with lawyers in your area. If you can find someone who becomes recommended. And well-respected by family and/or community members. Then they will likely be of high quality and skilled enough to help your purchase/sale go by smoothly

Transparency – many times real estate lawyers will not be working on your case alone, and it is important that they are upfront with you not only about this but about any other details that pertain to your case. You don’t want someone who will leave you in the dark for any reason so look for those who are transparent

What to ask them?

Once you’ve found a suitable real estate lawyer and are satisfied. Let’s move on to the questions that you should ask them. This task is far simpler if you’ve contacted them early on. If you contact a real estate lawyer after already signing a contract. Then there will be a lot more hassle due to their assistance being more limited. Compared to if you contact them prior to giving your signature. Contact them early on, and when you do the following questions will be good starting points:

What challenges do you foresee with this case? – a bit of a broad question but it’s good for them to immediately tell you any concerns they may have and what aspects they consider to be the most troublesome with your case. This also allows you to set your expectations up early on. So that you do not end up becoming disappointed later due to expecting different results. A simple question that can reveal a lot to you about the thought process of your lawyer.

What can I do to help you? – it’s important to remember that real estate lawyers are not omnipotent, they have limited abilities and will oftentimes require additional info or help from you. Ask them if there is anything you can do or info you can give that will allow them to better do their job, they will definitely appreciate it. Remember that they’re working with you here.


Buying or selling property is a hassle and real estate lawyers can be a great boon to help you out, just remember to spend time looking for a good one, and to keep working with them once you do decide on which one you will be hiring. 

A good real estate lawyer is worth their weight in gold so once you do find them, keep their number handy even after the case is over so you know what number to dial if you end up needing help with property down the line again sometime.


Real Estate Lawyer : All Important Things You Need To Know