Quantum Computing Breakthrough In Error Correction

Quantum Computing Breakthrough In Error Correction Researchers in Switzerland believe they have made an enormous breakthrough in error correction!

“The demonstration that errors in a quantum computer working with quantum bits (qubits) can be corrected quickly and repeatedly is a breakthrough on the road to building a practical quantum computer,” says Andreas Wallraff, Professor at the Department of Physics and Director of the Quantum Center at ETH Zurich.

Moreover, the scientists have published their findings in the following journal:


In addition, Wallraff goes on to say:

“Together with our colleagues from Germany and Canada, we were the first group to perform practical error correction with qubits. That’s an accomplishment that fills us with pride.” Furthermore, “It confirms that we, at ETH Zurich, are truly in the premier league of quantum research.”

In conclusion, now as their next research move, the ETH researchers now want to build a chip. Furthermore, one that has a construction archetype with a five-​by-five qubit lattice. As a result of this complexity, which requires correspondingly more complex technology, it will also need to feature more qubits for error correction.

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Quantum Computing Breakthrough In Error Correction

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