Quantum Computing And No Code Machine Learning

Quantum Computing And No Code Machine Learning. What will Quantum Computing And No Code Machine Learning offer the corporate, academic and scientific community?

Rebellion Research sits down with IBM Research’s Chief Scientist Ruchir Puri to find out the answers!

IBM Research Chief Scientist Ruchir Puri On Quantum Computing And No Code Machine Learning

Ruchir Puri is an Indian American scientist, CTO and chief architect of IBM Watson, an IBM Fellow and currently Chief Scientist of IBM Research. Furthermore, he is a Fellow of the IEEE, a member of IBM Academy of Technology and IBM Master Inventor, an ACM Distinguished Speaker and IEEE Distinguished Lecturer. Ruchir received Semiconductor Research Corporation‘s outstanding mentor award.

Moreover, Ruchir was a visiting scientist at the Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University, CA, and an adjunct professor at the Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, NY. In addition, Ruchir received the John Von-Neumann Chair at Institute of Discrete Mathematics at Bonn University, Germany. Ruchir received the 2014 Asian American Engineer of the Year Award.

In addition, he has delivered numerous keynotes and invited talks at major software and hardware conferences. le is an inventor of over 50 United States patents and has authored over 100 publications as well as authored a book on Analyzing Analytics. In conclusion, Ruchir is an active proponent of technology among school children. And lastly, has been evangelizing fun with electronics and FIRST LEGO League Robotics among middle schools children.

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‪Ruchir Puri‬ is an avid writer and researcher in the academic community, please see his work here: ‪Google Scholar‬