Peacemaker Review

Peacemaker Review HBO Max has a huge winner on their hands. This might be the best tv series HBO has come out with in years. James Gunn created the Peacemaker TV series, with stars John Cena, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, Jennifer Holland.

John Cena as a professional wrestler on the WWE is an ideal choice for this walking cliche of a superhero. A total jerk, but one determined to do good for the world.

In fact, his famous move of killing Rick Flag in the Suicide Squad was to fulfill his mission orders. Peacemaker will go to the dark side to do what he deems right. This of course is the idea that the ends justify the means. Which is a political philosophy that will allow you to do anything.

Furthermore, Peacemaker’s supporting cast is excellent.

Notable praise goes out to Robert Patrick and Viola Davis who as always deliver 5 star performances. Jennifer Holland is also excellent as Peacemaker’s love interest. Freddie Stroma also delivers a strong supporting role as Peacemaker’s sidekcik.

The episodes are also meaty and not too short. Which makes the show feel as if it might have the staying power of The Sopranos. HBO will throw as much money as possible at a winner. And that is what James Gunn has on his hands with this new show. Its irreverant, funny, highly entertaining. Its the complete opposite of the tone of Batman Begins and the traditional DC superhero.

DC has spent a long time being very serious with their work. And the critics and viewers have consistantly given them a thumbs down. But, Gunn’s work on Peacemaker might be the best DC production that I have ever seen. Speaking as a former comic book collector of the 1980s & 1990s and superhero obsessed fan.

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Peacemaker Review