NYPD Tesla Model 3

NYPD Tesla Model 3

NYPD Tesla Model 3 The New York City police department has decided to go green. Or at the very least they have purchased their first Tesla!

Furthermore the police department is getting a good deal on the Tesla automobile at only $47k. 

Moreover, this compares very favorably to the current automotive choice of the department. In addition, the Interceptors are running at $58k per vehicle. 

The Interceptors fully loaded are much higher than the Tesla cost. 

But furthermore they expect significant cost savings from the new vehicle. 

Lastly, the city’s number crunchers estimate they’ll save $8500 in fuel costs over 5 years.

Dr. Laine Mears of Clemson University on Tesla.

Electrek reports that police departments have already seen cost savings with the adoption of Tesla vehicles. “Bargersville Police Department in Indiana, which purchased several Tesla Model 3 vehicles. It found after the first full year of using the Tesla Model 3 that they had already saved over $6,000.”

According to Government Fleet there will be added cost to the vehicle. “After upfitting, the vehicle will cost approximately $58,000, with an expected five-year fuel savings of approximately $11,500 and lower maintenance costs than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. With these savings, New York City will also benefit from less noise pollution and almost no emissions — rather, emission come from the production of electricity, according to Khachadurian. Moreover, some points to keep in mind are that technicians must be trained to safely repair the high voltage system, and the fluid for the gear reduction portion of the electric motor is recommended for replacement at 100,000 miles. “

In conclusion, Fox reported that “The NYPD continually assesses new technology,” a police spokeswoman said, adding, “This includes hybrid and electric vehicles for possible inclusion in our fleet.”

NYPD Tesla Model 3

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