News Of The Day : May 6th?

News Of The Day : May 6th?

1. “The methods underlying DALL·E 2 are conceptually simple, and I thought people might find it interesting to understand how it works. Here’s an explanation accessible to a non-ML audience.”

2. “The Python Package I Wish I’d Learned Earlier”

3. This article by on the ‘AI Transition Problem’. Argues that the hard problem with automation is not ‘what will replace the value we get from work?’ but ‘how can we build institutions that ensure we transition to a utopian post-work economy?’…/ai-and-the…/

4. Lighting Up Artificial Neural Networks: A team of international scientists have performed difficult machine learning computations using a nano-scale device, named an “optomemristor”.

5. Certain molecules are so unstable that just looking at them makes them explode. The structure of solid fluorine has been explored for only the second time, by using neutron diffraction crystallography. It has been a mystery since 1964!…/Structure_of_Solid…

6. When you absentmindedly reach out to pick up your cup of coffee and take a sip, what happens in your brain? Many studies have shown that brain activity begins to ramp up even before you are aware of your choice to move.…/new-insights-into…

7. “3.8% of deaths in Mexico are caused by suboptimal temperature (26,000 every year). However, 92% of weather-related deaths are induced by cold (<12 degrees C) or mildly cold (12–20 degrees C) days & only 2% by outstandingly hot days (>32 degrees C).”

8. “differences in test motivation have, on average, a negligible influence on intelligence test performance. (≈ 2.5 IQ points).”…/pii/S0160289622000332

9. Lastly, a meta-analysis of sex differences in human brain structure: “On average, males have larger total brain volumes than females… Regional sex differences in volume and tissue density include the amygdala, hippocampus and insula, areas known to be implicated in sex-biased neuropsychiatric conditions.”…/pii/S0149763413003011

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News Of The Day : May 6th?