MJ The Musical : We Attended Opening Night Of Previews For The Broadway Debut

MJ The Musical We absolutely loved MJ The Musical! Yes, we have bias as Michael Jackson fans. But, at the same time that also means we have heightened standards.

And the show absolutely delivered!

Firstly, the star who played Michael was close to flawless from facial expressions to gestures during singing. It was a really remarkable performance from the young thespian.

In addition, the actor cast as Joe Jackson nearly stole the show with his spot on performance. A performance that suspended disbelief for all in attendance.

Was the show perfect?


There were some parts where the show wandered. But this is still technically just in previews.

In conclusion, I would expect this show to last for decades and eventually make its way to Las Vegas and London’s West End.

The show brings Michael Jackson to life. And that is what millions of his fans are dying for. A chance to see Michael back alive again.

The show takes place before the first legal issues hit Michael over child molestation. Furthermore, you witness the few days of rehearsal right before the Dangerous tour commences. Through the lens partially of an interviewing MTV crew that is doing a documentary on Michael.

The show does not touch any of his molestation charges or the recent Finding Neverland documentary on Netflix.

Instead, following on the model of ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ it focuses on recreating the actual history of the pop star. As seen through a neutral and unbiased point of view.

The show should use more Michael Jackson songs and fewer other songs used to fill the emotional void of the scene.

The actor who played the child version of Michael was also phenomenal.

In fact, there were no weak performances to say the least.

Michael Jackson’s estate produced the show, with apparently over $20m of production funds.

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MJ The Musical : We Attended Opening Night Of Previews For The Broadway Debut

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