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MIT Board Member Talks With Rebellion Research

MIT Board Member Talks With Rebellion Research

(13) MIT Board Member Christina Qi Databento CEO & Domeyard LP Founder

Christina Qi CEO Databento

CEO @ Databento.
Founding Partner @ Domeyard.
Board of Trustees @ MIT.
Co-Chair of the Board @ Invest in Girls.
Forbes 30 Under 30 Board Member.

Christina Qi is the CEO of Databento, an on-demand market data platform. She formerly founded Domeyard LP, a hedge fund focused on high frequency trading (HFT) that traded up to $7.1 billion USD per day. Failing to earn a job offer after a Wall Street internship, Christina started Domeyard from her dorm room with $1000 in savings, about 9 years ago. Moreover, her fund was a tiny minnow amongst the tigers of the hedge fund world, but after Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys came out in 2014 and HFT firms hid from the spotlight, Domeyard accidentally found itself in the center of the ring.

Over the next decade, her company’s story was featured on the front page of Forbes and Nikkei. Additionally, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN, NBC, and the Financial Times as a result of the controversy and fascination with HFT.

By a series of accidents, Christina became a voice in her industry, contributing to the World Economic Forum’s research on AI in finance, guest lecturing at dozens of universities, and teaching Domeyard’s case study at Harvard Business School. Furthermore, she is grateful to be able to open up about her mistakes, and to help people turn failures into opportunities.

No amount of therapy has quashed Christina’s impostor syndrome, but she will always be proud of her non-profit volunteer work. Christina was elected as a Member of the MIT Corporation, MIT’s Board of Trustees. She is Co-Chair of the Board of Invest in Girls, bringing financial literacy education to underserved populations across the US.

Christina also sits on the Board of Directors of The Financial Executives Alliance (FEA) Hedge Fund Group, drives entrepreneurship efforts at the MIT Sloan Boston Alumni Association (MIT SBAA).

In addition served on the U.S. Non-Profit Boards Committee of 100 Women in Finance. Although “X Under X” lists are a gimmick. She’ll admit that Forbes 30 Under 30 made a positive impact on her life by giving her a community. Friends who dragged her out of bed during the lowest days of her life. Christina holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Science from MIT and is a CAIA Charterholder.

Lastly, Christina wrote a book about her many hedge fund mistakes! However, is hesitating to publish it because she wants to spend her 30’s out of the spotlight. Lastly, if it ever gets published, you can sign up for a notification here:

To sign up for Databento’s market data (early access):
If you have questions, feel free to Tweet me: @christinaqi

See Christina at the:

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan & Rebellion Research 2023 Future of Finance Conference!

MIT Board Member Talks With Rebellion Research

is MIT IVY League?

Original Rogers BuildingBack Bay, Boston, c. 1901

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Despite often becoming confused with the Ivy League schools.

However, MIT is not part of this group. Nevertheless; widely recognized as one of the top universities in the world. Alongside other prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Oxford, and Cambridge.

Disclosure: Rebellion Research did sponsor the MIT Ai & Quant Conference 2022.

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History of MIT:

A 1905 map of MIT’s Boston campus. Unknown author – MIT Archives

Founded in 1861 as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by William Barton Rogers. Initially focused on applied science and engineering, and its goal was to advance the industrial revolution in the United States.

The then-new Cambridge campus, completed in 1916. Harvard Bridge, named after John Harvard, the founder of Harvard University, is in the foreground, connecting Boston to Cambridge. Detroit Publishing Company – Postcard series number: 71750 Furthermore, this is the MIT Cambridge campus across the river from Boston proper. Completed in 1916. The Harvard Bridge shown in the foreground. 1913?-1918, issued through 1930. Began the ‘contract’ issues, cards produced for museums and other organizations. Permission details. In addition, this image is available from the New York Public Library‘s Digital Library. Under the digital ID 98da4a30-c631-012f-2e4a-58d385a7bc34: →

Moreover, throughout the years, MIT expanded its fields of study. Additionally, became a leader in research and innovation across multiple disciplines. Some of the most notable alumni of MIT include astronaut Buzz Aldrin who earned a degree of Doctor of Science.

In addition, Nobel laureate economist Paul Samuelson, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Prestige of MIT:

Widely recognized as one of the best universities in the world. According to the 2021 QS World University Rankings. Ranked as the second-best university in the world. Behind only the University of Oxford.

In the United States, consistently ranked as one of the top universities, along with other elite institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, and Caltech.

One of the reasons for MIT’s prestige is its outstanding faculty. The university has become home to dozens of Nobel laureates and Turing Award winners. Including Richard Feynman, Noam Chomsky, and Tim Berners-Lee. In addition, MIT’s research output is prolific, with hundreds of research papers published every year in prestigious academic journals.

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Another factor contributing to MIT‘s reputation is its strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. The university has spawned many successful startups, including Dropbox, Intel, and Bose. Also operates the renowned MIT Media Lab. Dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and art.

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Finally, MIT’s commitment to diversity and inclusion has also contributed to its prestige. The university has made significant efforts to increase the representation of women and minorities in its student body and faculty. In 2019, MIT launched the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future. Focused on ensuring that technological advancements benefit everyone and do not exacerbate inequality.

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In conclusion, while MIT, not technically part of the Ivy League. However, widely recognized as one of the top universities in the world. Thus, its emphasis on innovation, outstanding faculty, and commitment to diversity. Moreover, contributed to its prestige and influence in the academic and business worlds. Lastly, as such, it stands alongside other prestigious institutions. Such as Stanford and Oxford in a special super elite category.

Review of MIT Graduation 2023

A time-honored institution! Moreover, globally known for its innovation and academic prowess! Thus attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Graduation ceremony in 2023 was a huge thrill!

The most significant issue was the weather – the day was unseasonably hot. In addition, there was an acute shortage of shaded areas for guests. It seemed as though the event planners had not fully taken into account the sun’s intensity. And as a result, many of us needed to brave the scorching heat for the duration of the ceremony.

The choice of a YouTuber as the commencement speaker was initially an intriguing surprise!

Given MIT’s traditional leaning towards esteemed academicians, industry leaders, and luminaries in various fields. It seemed to be a nod towards the evolving landscape of influence and success. Furthermore, initially, it seemed to offer a different perspective.

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However, the speaker’s performance didn’t quite hit the mark. Despite his fame and popularity in the digital realm, his speech lacked the dynamism and inspiration typically expected in such an important occasion.

On a brighter note, the setting of the MIT campus provided an exceptional backdrop for the event!

The iconic architecture of MIT really served as a majestic backdrop! Especially to this lifelong engineer! And of course the proud faces of the graduating students brought a palpable amount of excitement.

In conclusion, the MIT Graduation 2023 included its drawbacks. Moreover, particularly in terms of weather management and the choice of speaker, it was a momentous occasion worthy of celebration. The stunning photographs taken will forever remind us of the pride and joy of the day.

MIT Board Member Talks With Rebellion Research