Mercedes Benz Financial Review

Mercedes Benz Financial Review

Mercedes Benz Financial Review After 4 different car leases with Mercedes Benz Financial, I feel that I am qualified to make a sound review. After all I not only build Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, but teach it as well at Cornell Financial Engineering. Furthermore, I also am a research instructor with several graduate programs and have several publications under my page at Google Scholars.

First, let me say the online platform is nice in that it shows you the months left and the amount due and some other information specifc to your car. So for the online portal we have no complaints at first. But, then we tried to actually use it.

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Buying Out My Lease

So, I decided to buy out my lease as I love this 4th car. So make no mistake, this is NOT a review of Mercedes Benz the automotove producer, but rather their financial arm. I am sure seperate, but related entities.

So to request a quote I logged into my account online with Mercedes Benz Financial and it offers a few ways to get in contact. Contact my dealer, tried and failed so many times its embarrassing.

Secondly, fill out a contact them box on the website when you are logged in. I have done this many times as well and to no avail.

Chat Box

Thirdly, it gives you the option of chatting with an online chat box, which turned out to be an insult to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning everywhere as the responses were so simple, it could have been programmed in an Atari Videogame system of the 1980’s. My only response after so many furious requests to the chatbox was to call their help number. Which, I might add has hung up on me several times, including when I get a live attendant.

Either, I will be on hold for 45 minutes or longer and then get hung up on by the system automatically. Or I will get the live attendant who will sure enough just hang up on me before we get anywhere. It feels super shady. And yet, this is Mercedes quality? Moreover, I love my car and am biased to love all Mercedes products!

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