Maritime Cyber Security and Real-World Impact of Cyber Attacks

Maritime Cyber Security and Real-World Impact of Cyber Attacks

Maritime Cyber Security and Real-World Impact of Cyber Attacks From the Reuters article at the bottom of this post, the most significant quote from the Cape Town Harbour Carriers Association – “Please note that the port operating systems have been cyber-attacked and there will be no movement of cargo until the system is restored.”

The criticality of cybersecurity for the maritime industry continues to grow as port systems further improve innovation, efficiency, and connected shipping operations.

Cyber events and attacks are almost immediately translating into real-world shipping delays and business interruption for those in the shipping industry, but also financial and even physical harm to those waiting on foods, medicine, or other materials further down the supply chain.

There are many things that executives can do today to improve our security globally in the industry:

  • Implement multi-factor authentication
  • Ensure incident response plans (incl. BC/DR) are up to date, have playbooks for common threats, conduct tabletops
  • Educate employees on common attacks / phishing, etc.
  • Encourage employees to maintain unique, complex passwords for login
  • Keep systems patched / up to date – get rid of older ones
  • Improve endpoint protections and configure properly
  • Segment networks and data to avoid incidents spreading
  • Have the insurance and risk transfer discussions needed
  • Tabletop exercises to game out if the unthinkable happens
  • Pre-arrange your third-party incident response team 

Besides working directly with many companies in the industry on the above list and conducting executive table tops, penetration testing for ports, the strategies for insurance, and cyber incident response, here are some recent public-facing collaborations with executives leaders across the maritime industry working diligently to improve the security of their ports, companies and supply chains.

Cyber Security on Land and at Sea – Special Issues for the Marine Claims Industry


“Level I.T. Up! Executive Leadership and Maritime Cyber Security” March 2021

  • Thank you to Infragard Los Angeles and the team at Cyber Threats and Defense in a Maritime & Intermodal World – National Symposium for hosting my presentation where we talked with executives on ransomware, IT security strategies, cyber insurance, and incident/breach response in the maritime industry.

For the article on the recent event in Cape Town

Cyber attack disrupts major South African port operations | Reuters

Maritime Cyber Security and Real-World Impact of Cyber Attacks Written by Bryan Hurd

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Maritime Cyber Security and Real-World Impact of Cyber Attacks

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