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Maintaining Historic Ships With Historian Ryan Szimanski

Historic Ships With Historian Ryan Szimanski 

Historian Ryan Szimanksi

Maintaining Historic Ships With Historian Ryan Szimanski. Ryan is a Battleship Icon with his YouTube show. One of the most popular military shows, entitled The USS New Jersey.

  • Director of Curatorial and Educational Affairs. Moreover, in charge of the curatorial and education departments at the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial. Furthermore, responsible for supervising about 50 staff and volunteers, creating programming, displays, and exhibits, cataloging. In addition, preserving artifacts, planning and development, and planning and assisting with restoration and repair projects.

Executive Director of Historic Naval Ships Association 

Work with maritime and museum organizations, governments, and the US Navy to create awareness, meet the needs of member organizations. And facilitate the continued preservation of historic naval ships around the world. Grow a vital and involved Association membership constituency. By using social media platforms to grow interest in historic vessels and members organizations. Run conferences for members and staff from member organizations to meet and exchange knowledge on historic ships operation and preservation.

Historic Ships in BaltimoreTotal Duration11 yrs 6 mos

  • Site Manager : Firstly, Responsible for maintaining, restoring, and preserving the Coast Guard Cutter TANEY. Secondly, the 7 Foot Knoll Lighthouse. Lastly, the other museum facilities and exhibits. In addition, I coordinate restoration staff, contractors. And volunteers and plan restoration and stabilization projects in accordance with Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Vessel Preservation.
    In this capacity I helped with the major dry dock project of USS CONSTELLATION where we performed major repairs to the rigging and underwater hull.
  • Museum Technician : A catch-all title that includes work with museum software including PastPerfect, artifacts, exhibit planning. In addition, creation, and maintenance, facilities care and improvement, restoration, develop learning aids, identify historic equipment, consult for NatGeo documentary, conduct tours and interviews, record keeping, research, and graphic design.
  • Educator and Historical Interpreter Public interaction, answer questions, master presentations, lead tours, lead overnight programs, supervise other museum staff, train new hires, perform general upkeep of the ships. In addition, facilities, give presentations, prepare explosive charges, fire artillery, host catered events. Furthermore, make historic appearances, man offsite exhibits, create presentations, and present special lectures.

Archaeologist : The Mariner’s Museum

Lastly, worked with museum staff sifting through mud and debris recovered from the turret of the USS Monitor looking for Civil War artifacts.

The Wyoming Dinosaur Center and Dig Site

In conclusion, I worked with a paleontologist excavating Jurassic Period dinosaur fossils in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

USS New Jersey (BB-62) : A Legendary American Naval Battleship

Maintaining Historic Ships With Historian Ryan Szimanski