Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence 

Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence 

Machine Learning Vs Artificial Intelligence

Background Introduction: Machine learning and artificial intelligence both are fields of computer science and are closely related to each other – Machine learning is a subfield of AI. They could be combined to create an intelligent system. However, those technologies do have some major differences which apply in computer science, big data, and many other applications. In this report, I am going to illustrate the differences between machine learning and artificial intelligence in the following several ways.

Functionalities of AI and ML: Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that can mimic human intelligence, it is more focusing on computer programming and algorithms. The mimic human behavior will include problem-solving, learning, logical thinking, and planning. The most famous example of the use of artificial intelligence was how the chess game program Alpha-Go beat human beings. That was also one of the concerns many people talk about today regarding the development of artificial intelligence and how they are going to deep dive into people’s daily life.

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While machine learning enables a computer system to drive decisions or make predictions based on data-driven methods by utilizing historical data. Machine learning could be thought of as a way that machines are helping people handle complex functions that would be difficult for humans to do. It is more focused on a high level of mathematics and optimization. There are many different kinds of machine learning algorithms developed by data scientists and mathematicians such as logistic regression, random forest, boosted trees, etc. All those methods are helping data scientists better implement their classification or regression models. Specifically speaking, machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence, it is a type of artificial intelligence.

Skillsets and career options for AI and ML: For artificial intelligence, the skill sets will involve robotics, JAVA programming, programming design, data mining, machine learning, and problem-solving. The future careers provided for students in advanced AI will be deep learning engineers, programmers, computer vision engineers. For machine learning, the skill sets will involve applied mathematics, neural network architecture, physics, data modeling, and designing.

The future careers provided for students in the advanced ML will be data scientists, machine learning engineers. Besides, since AI is the main category for machine learning, it has more applications and sub-categories such as strong AI, weak AI, general AI. All those subcategories could be further developed as a possible career choice in the future. Machine learning has three sub-types such as supervised learning, reinforcement learning, and unsupervised learning. All those sub-types are functions and algorithms within machine learning and could be further developed to handle more complicated problems in the future.

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The future development of AI and ML: AI has drawn a lot of people’s attention in those days and many people are concerned about the safety or privacy of themselves in AI. Concerns are such that cybersecurity, which is directly related to people’s daily life, this hypothesis has been played up in many movies. People keep giving imaginations and illusions for the development of AI.

The application fields of Artificial Intelligence also cover healthcare, finance, real estate, database administration, and the personal device market. The use of Artificial Intelligence in those industries provides people a more convenient way of doing business while at the same time, brings people some security concerns regarding their health record, financial status, and personal information. Once that information has been used illegally, that will bring tremendous disasters to people’s lives.

Machine learning also has its applications. As the sub-category of artificial intelligence, many machine learning methods have been developed to further implement the organization’s business systems or further simulations. It could be used to further maintain database administration automatically, or it could be used to check people’s financial status to see many outliers. The further concern regarding machine learning would be the misuse.

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Therefore, advanced machine learning could be self-learning and possess the ability for self-improvement. Many people worry that, once even a little human error or machine error breaks down, it will largely affect people’s lives and business running. Engineers and mathematicians have to keep improving the functionalities of machine learning models to make them have higher accuracy. In conclusion, machine learning and artificial intelligence are very closely related to each other and share a lot in common in both computer science and mathematics fields. While machine learning is a sub-category and one appearance of artificial intelligence and has different functionalities.

Written by Qingyang Wang

Edited by Jimei Shen