Machine Learning V Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning V Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning V Artificial Intelligence Firstly, what is the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence? Secondly, when should I use one vs another and how will I know the difference? Thirdly, is one better than the other, should I focus on Artificial Intelligence vs say Machine learning?

Machine Learning is simply a field within the broad larger world of Artificial Intelligence. As a result, everything that is “machine learning” is technically “artificial intelligence”.

In addition, what defines artificial intelligence is simply the ability for a machine or program to follow an intelligent set of instructions consistently.

Moreover, the most common form of artificial intelligence that we find in our every day lives are dishwashers.

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As a result of being able to follow the set of instructions that desire the dishwasher to release hot water, release soap, release cold water, etc, dishwashers are some of the most common forms of artificial intelligence you will find in your every day.

But, machine learning algorithms have the ability to change up the set of instructions, depending on the environment that it encounters, in its view of maximizing the rewards you have set for the system.

What is Machine Learning? With examples of its use and application.

So Facebook advertising will use Machine Learning, since it will constantly change the method of showing your advertisements, depending on the input of its users and their habits regarding your related themes.

In conclusion, if you want to use machine learning in your every day life, then buy the Nest for your house to monitor your home’s security and temperature. In addition, advertise your business on Facebook and use their Machine Learning algorithm for free. Lastly, take Coursera classes that are free online taught by famous professors including Stanford University’s Andrew Ng.

Machine Learning V Artificial Intelligence