Machine Learning Hedge Funds

Machine Learning Hedge Funds

Machine Learning Hedge Funds : Machine Learning has been a major player in the world of finance for decades now. Though most investors have only grown familiar with Artificial Intelligence investing and Machine Learning investing as a new species, it has been making money on Wall Street since the early 1980’s.

Many people believe the first of the Machine Learning Hedge Funds was the super brilliant quant James Simons and his Renaissance Technologies which has performed greater than any other fund over the last 40 years. In fact the Renaissance Technologies flagship Medallion Fund has returned astronomical amounts in excess of 30% and 50% on an annual basis.

But what is really confounding about this strategy is that is has been CLOSED to outside investors for many years.

So investors have looked to DE Shaw and many other great Machine Learning Hedge Funds.

Rebellion Research has become one of the ML & Artificial Intelligence Hedge Funds to perform well-above average for the life of our technology.

Rebellion Research did not look to “shoot the moon” so to speak as other ML & Artificial Intelligence Hedge Funds attempted, but rather we looked to create an “Intelligent Index”, one that was only 100 stocks, but still more economically diversified than the S&P 500.

Our portfolios extremely transparent. Every stock has up to 100 positive factors that could be economic, fundamental or another data source. Our investors can feel confident in the companies we buy which are typically around $25 Billion in market capitalization.

Our technology does not like companies that are too small and have too much unknown risk.

Avoiding risk for our clients and keeping your capital safe is our primary concern, only after safety has been achieved can the goal of making money be attempted.

AI Investing

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