Machine Learning For Small Business : Content Creation

Top X AI Content Creation and Strategy Tools

Machine Learning For Small Business : Content Creation Machine learning has already become an integral part of numerous global processes, from business and economics to medicine and even content creation. It’s the response to increasing demand for quality content these days. Numerous blogs, vlogs, Twitter accounts, Instagram profiles, among others require content generation on a daily basis. AI is already capable enough to generate texts of varying complexity. Is this the start of machines’ uprising? 

How do machines generate content? 

For now, AI is not that sophisticated to analyze texts and other types of content to generate readable output. Human interaction is required, of course: we set up parameters and requirements of the texts we expect to get. Firstly, the rest is up to AI and this “rest” means a much quicker generation of content that a writer or even a group can produce within a given time. 

AI also can analyze various types of content to come up with promising content strategies. When you need to develop a content strategy for your website or blog, for example, machine content making could be a viable choice. 

Here are the useful tools you should consider using:

Worth of Attention AI Content Creation and Strategy Tools 

HubSpot. This content strategy tool utilizes machine learning to facilitate the discovery of best content ideas for marketers. This instrument provides suggestions regarding the topics that should be explored and which could be disregarded. One of the basic features of HubSpot is the competitive research on the selected topics to narrow them even more to increase the positive impact of outcomes. It’s a perfect tool for any marketer.

CONCURED. AI-based machine learning used in this tool facilitates marketers’ search of the most engaging topic online. CONCURED also suggests what to write about using these topics to improve SEO results. The platform allows automation of content audits, content promotion, research on various topics, content briefs’ creation using data-driven approach, and so on. 

Machine Learning For Small Business : Content Creation

Quillbot. The number of texts online is enormous. It gets more challenging to create unique texts about similar topics. Paraphrasing using machine learning AI can be a solution. Quillbot does exactly the same: quality paraphrasing of texts. It has 7 different modes, from Standard to Expand, providing users with texts paraphrased according to their needs (simple, creative, shortened, expanded, and so on). The tool can be used for various purposes. 

Crayon. Its AI-powered machine learning engine helps marketers with the most critical issue that may occur – the lack of fresh ideas! While your competitors excel in something, you can “take a peek” using Crayon’s functionality. Furthermore, the tool analyzes the competitors’ online activities and concludes which ideas can be useful for your needs. Be it a changed company’s website home page or a successfully placed ad, you’ll know about it. 

Wordsmith. This tool for content generation can be highly advisable to large corporations and companies that need creation of numerous written reports. The functionality of this instrument allows development of complex templates turning raw financial data, for example, into readable and well-written texts. The best thing about Wordsmith is that it works with top business intelligence (BI) tools like Tibco Spotfire, Tabley, or Power BI. 

Machine Learning For Small Business : Content Creation

MarketMuse. It is an excellent tool for creation of content marketing strategies. AI-powered recommendations are SEO-friendly and with this tool, you’ll always know what terms your strategy needs to use to maximize the target audience feedback. 

Acrolinx. This is a unique AI-powered tool for large businesses. Big organizations usually have hundreds or thousands of written texts on their online resources that were written by internal writers, subcontractors, freelancers, or other content makers. The alignment of such a content is hard work, but not for an AI. Acrolinx analyzes and improves all those articles using the style, tone, and other factors approved by a company as a standard. 

Cobomba. This tool allows marketers to be more relevant in their communication with customers through messaging, feedback, and content strategy. In addition, the main feature of Cobomba is to give recommendations on how to improve the mentioned areas. 

Frase. This instrument helps in building outlines of briefs on particular topics and search terms. Also, Frase serves as a chat-bot capable of using your website’s content to generate answers to users. Furthermore, it exploits natural language processing (NLP) to read users’ queries, scan the website for answers, and generate them. 

There are many other tools out there, but the combination of these can help you build an AI-powered marketing machine for content creation and strategy development. 

Content for Humans

In conclusion, content creation is worthless without appropriate application. Who wants to read cool articles about outdated stuff, for instance? Or what if writing has no relevance to anything people want to know about? Lastly, SEO cross linking may be helpful in promoting articles created by AI. Also you can buy links automatically with AI to automate and optimize the process of promoting your resources!  

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