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Annual Letters To Press Releases Will Be Written By Artificial Intelligence Eventually

Machine Learning For Executives : Artificial Intelligence Essay Writers Essay writing remains to be one of the complicated and trickiest parts of an academic journey for students. If you, like many other students, find essay writing wearing, let us tell you that the advancement in technology has something special for you.

To begin with, we all know how big of a deal artificial intelligence is, and it would be not enough to explain its capacity that will enable it to do wonders in the future. That artificial intelligence is also said to substitute human authors with its writing capabilities and make the writing task easy for humans.

Brain Booster: 

What is Artificial intelligence: 

As the name suggests, it is a technology- a manufactured or created intelligence ability that is otherwise related to humans. In simple words, it is the technology that imitates human intelligence to perform the tasks that humans do. The main intent behind artificial intelligence is to reduce the time and labour on performing critical and arduous tasks. That said, writing is another draining task that needs to be performed in a snap of fingers with AI assistance.

Future of Essay writing and AI: 

When we envision AI, it looks like robots will take over and control humans and their actions. The technologists champion the idea that AI will amplify the efficiency of humans to an extraordinary level. Artificial intelligence is said to make tasks easy that are too boring and effort consuming to humans. And writing is one of such tasks, is expected to be taken over by robots. In fact, as per The Guardian, AI has already done it.  GPT-3(Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is an autoaggressive language that is able to produce human-like text. When it was asked to write an essay from scratch, it did a wonderful job. When given a prompt to write about, the GPT-3 uses machine learning to produce human-like text. You can check out the essay written by GT-3 here.

By looking at the current progression and the pace of development, it can be estimated that in the future, robots will be able to write all kinds of papers.  

More about GPT-3: 

A team of thirty-one open-AI researchers and engineers produced a paper about GT-3 in March 2020, which got licenced by Microsoft in September same year for exclusive use. GPT-3 is the third generation language prediction model that was introduced in line with the GPT-n series. GPT-3 produces very high-quality content that it becomes difficult to differentiate from one generated by a human writer, which, of course, has its own benefits and downsides. In essence, the GPT-3 takes us an inch closer to what we usually speculate that writing job will be taken over by the robots.

Critical Analysis: 

Although the future of essays looks like to remain in the hands of AI, it is not majorly as beneficial as it appears for humans. Indeed students fear essay writing; it must not be forgotten that it is an art, a skill, a mode of communication that applies to almost all fields of life. Moreover, as we know that robots can imitate humans actions and intelligence, they cannot bear the feelings humans do. In that perspective, writing emotional prose or a personal narrative could be impossible for the robots. No matter how far does technological advancement go, it needs to be remembered that humans come at first place in the expression of thoughts and opinions. Humans can express their feelings, emotions, and beliefs in the best manner than machines that run on fixed programming and settings.

Pros and cons of robot writers: 


  1. Increased efficiency: 

When we have machines writing papers, we are able to do other tasks that are equally or more important and need more attention. In that way, it increases our efficiency and thus productivity to complete multiple tasks. Let’s suppose you have coursework to write, an experiment, and prepare a presentation altogether. You may require to avail coursework writing services to write the coursework. If you have a robot that can do your assignment, you will get enough time to complete other given tasks. 

  1. Limited errors:

To err is human! Humans make lots of mistakes, and when it comes to writing essays, mistakes become inevitable. On the other hand. Robots are programmed to certain settings to produce work that aligns with the set standard requirements. Therefore, they are able to work flawlessly. 

  1. Automation: 

The automated features will make it easier to get work completed rather than instructing them over and over. When they are given a certain prompt, they will automatically understand and create a paper accordingly. 


  1. Programming restrictions: 

Robots can perform what they are programmed to perform. If they are programmed to write IT, they will not write SHE, and this applies to each of their attributes. Therefore, it may create a problem in writing a kind of essay that it is not programmed to.

  1. Lack of Human factor: 

No matter how advanced the robots become, they cannot pull off a perspective that represents an idea coming out of a human. The robots cannot have that human factor in their writings, such as that of a human himself. However, scientists and engineers are working on conversational artificial intelligence to bring a humanizing factor.

  1. Cost:

Though we say the AI will make the writing process easy, we ignore the fact that it may be accessible to a few fractions of people. The inaccessibility largely depends on the cost of the AI-driven machine. Not everyone can afford to buy a robot, which will create a disparity among people.

Bottom line:

From the suggested scenario, it is evident that in future, essay writing is going to be a more easy task due to the advancement of AI. AI Technology that can imitate human intelligence is able to write academic and journalism papers.

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