Machine Learning Company : Rebellion Research

Machine Learning Company : Rebellion Research

Machine Learning Company : Rebellion Research’s history began at Amherst College in 2002 when our CEO Alexander Fleiss first started developing trading algorithms with his former boss Laura Sloate, a partner at Neuberger Berman.

Mr. Fleiss realized that during times of economic stress, all of the fundamental value and growth models he had built would fail. And so to create an algorithm that would withstand all economic cycles, Machine Learning would have to be employed.

For Machine Learning has the ability to jump the rail and veer its course if it sees trouble ahead, as opposed to a fundamental algorithm which is married to its scientific governing theory.

With Machine Learning there is no theory, only changing market patterns. What works today might not work tomorrow and what was correlated yesterday and for decades prior, might lose all of its correlation in a matter of days.

Assets are diverging now quicker than they ever have. The 2008 financial crisis played out over almost 2 years while the covid crash was only a matter of months.

Rebellion Research’s Machine Learning investment software is able to monitor thousands of inter correlated data relationships among countries all over the globe. So small changes in data and economic moves will be seen often times well before a human eye.

Humans will also become biased towards a style or manner of investing that has traditionally worked for them for years. Even if that style has show to be losing relevance in today’s markets. Humans are emotional creatures and believe in luck and other intangible and unrealistic themes. Machine Learning simply looks at the data, relationships and current patterns in the market.

Always placing risk management first, puts the machine a step ahead of the human being.

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