A Machine Learning Application In Finance : Bayesian Statistics & Deep Learning

A Machine Learning Application In Finance : Bayesian Statistics & Deep Learning

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A Machine Learning Application In Finance : Bayesian Statistics & Deep Learning. Why do most Machine Learning programs fail in finance? Moreover, what forms of Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence actually work in finance?

Firstly, we must address what areas of finance Machine Learning has been hyper successful in. Secondly, we will delve into the areas where Machine Learning has been challenged. Furthermore, unable to proliferate in that particular area of finance.

As a result of a growth in fraud. Engineers utilize machine learning with great results when it comes to detecting anti money laundering or fraud. In addition, most transactions are repetivitive in nature. Think about your own actions, you go to a particular store, or stores. You dine at your particular group of restaurants. But, when you purchase $1,200 worth of diamonds 400 miles from your most recent transaction. Well, let’s just say it doesn’t take a genius to flag that shady transaction.

And so Machine Learning has found an area of finance where it prospers.

One area where Machine Learning has been challenged has been within portfolio management. This happens to be Rebellion Research’s department and our Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning has set itself apart for 15 years of performance. However, most Machine Learning systems have found themselves outpeformed by many simpler models. In addition to human funds which have done very well against Machine Learning strategies specifically.

Where will Machine Learning conquer in the future of finance? Moreover, will Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence become the dominant investor in the financial markets?

In conclusion, we expect to see Machine Learning to continue to grow in the “simpler” aspects of the financial world. But, when it comes to the more complicated aspects, it may still be some time!

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