Living Lights Reviews : Terrarium’s From Down Under

Living Lights Reviews : Terrarium’s From Down Under

Living Lights is a Terrarium product brand that has advertisements all over Facebook and the internet. These are epic looking nature scenes. They look magnificent at first glance. But, what is one actually purchasing? A glass container, some moss, a uv light, rocks and some plastic trees. Now for nearly $300 one would expect something impressive. However, the reality in fact online seems rather somewhat questionable.

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Online Reviews

When you look for Google reviews they don’t seem to exist, but in fact what does come up are two obscure sights that offer ratings and they are some of the most skewed we have ever seen from a “data science” perspective.

First odd and perculiar aspect from the reviews site is that there are no “average” reviews, no 2, 3, 4’s anywhere? That seems rather odd. As our planet has over 7 billion unique individuals. One would expect to find people happy. But not thrilled, or satisfied, but not upset.

However, this is not the case. In fact what you find are reviews that are either a total 0. Or reviews claiming total dissatisfaction. Or reviews that give higher than celestial remarks about the amazingness of the terrarium. One review was a 5 star. But they hadn’t even received the product yet. So how exactly does that come about?

Try Living Lights! Then write to us at and let us know how your experience was!

We think terrarium’s are a super cool project for any child or adult and encourages learning and wonder while providing a relaxing and tranquil addition to a home.

See some reviews and statistics for Living Lights that we posted below:

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Living Lights Reviews : Living Lights Reviews : Living Lights Reviews

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