Lithium Vs Uranium

Lithium Vs Uranium Amounts of Lithium are infinite. Once the price of Lithium gets more expensive more recycling and discovery programs will jump in.

Hubble Space Telescope Director & Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Director Dr. Steven Beckwith.

Moreover, the market is controlled by a balance between production and consumption.

Even if China will have 90% of the market it won’t really affect anything, espescially in the  long term. Industry will optimize consumption, producers will increase production. Lithium will not get 100 times more expensive. And a 10 times increase in cost will not change much.

Let’s compare to Uranium.

This element, unlike Lithium is cost-sensitive and not recyclable. Controlling Uranium makes sense, Lithium – not so much.

Where are Australia and Argentina?

Any talk about Lithium without those 2 countries is heavily biased.

The amount of reserves includes only economically-viable spots.

Once prices increase.

Markets will see a lot more spots to be added to this amount and the price increase will be met with a large jump in supply.

Lithium is very cheap.

Physics Nobel Prize Winner MIT Prof Frank Wilczek on String Theory, Gravitation, Moreover Newton & Big Bang.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter how much a percentage of total global reserves of Lithium one particular country has on record now. Furthermore the science dedicated to exploration will rise exponentially.

In addition, once prices start to rise, the numbers will change. Numbers reveal how a country views mining or refining at today’s market spot price. 

Moreover, a lot of countries who import over 50% of their oil can cover 100% of their needs without import, given a continuous price tag of $150+.

Lithium Vs Uranium

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