Johns Hopkins’ Sudip Gupta Wins Best Paper Award (2022) From Quantitative Journal of Finance!

Johns Hopkins’ Sudip Gupta Wins Best Paper Award (2022) From Quantitative Journal of Finance! As a result of his research and paper on machine learning based textual analysis in the context of the JOBS act!

Professor Gupta receiving the award

Professor Gupta commented to Rebellion about his work:

“Textual information affects IPO underpricing. SEC works as a public information producer about IPO firm quality. Post JOBS act, investors place more emphasis on the information produced by the SEC when pricing the stock. Returns following public release of the (SEC) letters vary by about 4% based on letter tone.”

See Professor Gupta’s paper:

Public and Private Information: Firm Disclosure, SEC Letters, and the JOBS Act | The Quarterly Journal of Finance (

Professor Sudip Gupta is an associate professor of finance at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.  

His current research and teaching interests are in the areas of Auctions, Big Data-Machine  Learning, Corporate Finance, ESG and Fintech. He is an award-winning teacher, and his research  has appeared in top academic journals. He has written papers in the areas of credit derivatives, treasury auctions, IPOs, nowcasting with alternative data, alternative credit rating, ESG ratings  and portfolio formation with alternative data etc.  

Moreover, Professor Gupta is a data hackathon champion and consults various multinational financial  corporations and government committees. Moreover, his consulting areas and expertise include auctions, credit derivatives, ESG, financial class action litigations, fintech, machine learning and textual  analysis, merger simulations etc. Furthermore, he has served as an expert in multiple high profile financial class  action litigations. 

Prior to joining Carey, Prof Gupta was a faculty and director of the top ranked MSQF program of  the Gabelli School of Business (GSB), Fordham University, where he introduced and taught big  data-machine learning in finance into the MS curriculum.

Previously, Dr. Gupta was a full-time  faculty and taught at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Indian School of Business (ISB), New York University’s Stern School of Business, and the University of Maryland’s Smith  School of Business, in the areas of corporate finance, econometrics, fintech, investments, and  machine learning at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Lastly, he was the recipient of the Dean’s  Impact award for faculty excellence and high impact in research, teaching, and service at GSB. Lastly, he has a PhD in economics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Johns Hopkins’ Sudip Gupta Wins Best Paper Award (2022) From Quantitative Journal of Finance!

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