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is USS New Jersey Being Reactivated?

is USS New Jersey Being Reactivated?


No. USS New Jersey is not being reactivated. However, she is sailing up the Delaware River later this year for badly needed repairs and overhaul of the legendary ship!

Historic USS New Jersey Scheduled for Maintenance After Decades

The USS New Jersey, a revered battleship with a distinguished history, is set to be towed along the Delaware River in 2024 for its first maintenance session in over three decades. This iconic warship, now a popular museum and memorial, will undergo essential upkeep to preserve its legacy.

A Symbol of American Naval History

Ryan Szimanski, Vice President of Curatorial and Education at the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial, emphasized the battleship’s importance as a lasting tribute to World War II veterans. For further reading on Ryan’s work: Maintaining Historic Ships With Historian Ryan Szimanski & USS New Jersey Museum : Curator Ryan Szimanksi Sits Down with Rebellion Research

The USS New Jersey, an Iowa-class battleship, boasts a remarkable record of service, including pivotal roles in World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, and the Gulf War. Further reading: USS New Jersey’s History!

Maintenance at Historical Birthplace

The Philadelphia Shipyard Dry Dock No. 3, where the USS New Jersey became first originally constructed between 1940 and 1943, will be the site of its maintenance. Furthermore, the dry dock process involves draining the water around the ship, enabling thorough inspection and repair work. In addition, key maintenance tasks include repainting the hull, removing marine growth, checking through-hull openings, and replacing anodes to prevent corrosion.

Funding and Preservation Efforts

The New Jersey Historical Commission, dedicated to preserving the state’s history, has allocated $5 million for the project. Additionally, the Camden County Improvement Authority has provided a $3.25 million loan. The Home Port Alliance, responsible for the battleship’s upkeep, plans to repay this loan over two decades through museum revenues.

The USS New Jersey’s Illustrious Service

Renowned for its size, speed, and armament, the USS New Jersey battled enemy forces across several wars, leading critical naval engagements like the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944. With 19 battle and campaign stars, it stands as the most decorated battleship in American history and the second-most decorated U.S. Navy ship overall.

From Active Service to Museum Attraction

As defense priorities shifted post-Cold War, the need for large crewed battleships waned. Following a series of decommissionings, the USS New Jersey became permanently retired in 1991. Efforts to preserve the ship as a historical site began as early as the 1970s, culminating in its transformation into a museum and memorial in Camden, near its birthplace, in 2000.

Welcoming Visitors and Honoring History

Lastly, since its arrival at its ceremonial pier in 2001 and the museum’s opening in October of the same year, the USS New Jersey has become a significant attraction. By 2021, it was welcoming an average of 80,000 visitors annually, serving as a poignant reminder of America’s naval prowess and the sacrifices of those who served aboard.