Is the MH370 found?

Is the MH370 found?

An Investigation into the Disappearance of MH370 & Potential Theories


Referring to the media reports of the renewing the search processes. Moreover, in the Cambodian jungles and in the depths of wide areas of the South Indian Ocean. For the Malaysian missing aircraft, flight MH370. Please allow me to display my study about the secret of the plane disappearance. And review some technical and circumstantial points surrounding the suspicious disappearance of the aircraft.                                          

F-16 Fighter Pilot & Squadron Leader Captain Jeff Orr

The theory that everyone on board became poisoned with food and died is highly unlikely. Furthermore, then the plane remained flying until the fuel ran out. And fell into the south of the Indian ocean water. I think it is an illogical idea. Regarding the wreckage parts found on the east coast of Africa. And experts believe these parts belong to the missing plane. However, we cannot find signs of damage. Which indicates the crashing of the fuselage with the surface of the ocean water. And the subsequent explosion of the aircraft due to saturating its tanks with fuel vapor.

We cannot find on these pieces the damages of bending. In addition, dents, sooty appearance or the dark discoloration due to the explosion of the tanks. Besides the fastening and attachment points of 2 of these parts still exist in its position. As if these parts disassembled from the aircraft and not broken due to the crash and explosion. So such parts could not have fallen from the height of thousands of feet. 

And the painting state does not fit with staying in the salt water of the ocean for months. And we find that:

  1. The white color of the parts is not changed or darkened. As if these parts were disassembled from the plane and deliberately thrown into the sea. Since recently or these parts do not belong to the Malaysian aircraft. 
  2.  The painting is intact in most parts. Furthermore, there are limited blisters in some, and the amount of the obvious corrosion in the parts is limited. And is not proportional to the staying of these parts in the ocean water for months.
Is the MH370 found?
Is the MH370 found?
Another evidence of the impossibility of the theory that the plane had fallen into the Indian Ocean. Is this iron fixation piece.                                                                         
Is the MH370 found?

a) If this piece remained in the salt water of the ocean for all these months. Since the disappearance of the aircraft on 8/3/2014 until it existed, it would have corroded and salted. And its regular shape changed and disintegrated.

b) The fixing piece is still in place. Although the logical situation implies the fixing broken. And separated from the aircraft. Because it is the weakest. And the iron fixing piece and its bolts should remain in its place on the aircraft. Because they are the strongest. This is further evidence that this piece became disassembled from the aircraft. Or it does not belong to the Malaysian aircraft.                                                                                             

A Theory?            

I think that the purpose of this hijacking and hiding was something other than mass suicide. 3000 km south of the Indian Ocean if he is looking for a tour and not a chance. As long as someone could control the plane for 7 hours. He can, if he decides to carry out mass and immediate suicide. Without having to travel long and exhausting distances over sea and ocean water. Besides the water is always under the plane from the first moment. Without the need to do this sharp off course deviation in southern Thailand, heading north.

And then disappearing from the radar screen. As if he wanted to gain more time to do some specific thing which I will talk about it later.

It had to disconnect the electricity to the passenger cabin. If the electrical power is not disconnected to the cabin. The passengers would inform through the video equipment in front of each one of them. To change the direction of the plane from east to west direction after 41 minutes of the takeoff. And they would resist the hijacker or even tried to contact their families.

Is the MH370 found?

In addition, the switching off all means of interior and exterior lighting and lambs was a future and important step. For the hijacker. Because he will undoubtedly complete his course towards his target in close to the surface of the sea water. And he wants the plane in this case to be in darkness. To stop visual discovery. And that may be the secret of why the aircraft disappeared from the military radar screen. Moreover, an hour after the deviation from the path to the west.         

I do not doubt that what happened was a collective thing that affected everyone who was onboard the plane. The hijacker could control the passengers. In addition, the crew and security personnel. As a result, of a joint and rapid action that unites them on different ages, nationalities and health conditions etc. I think it is a completely different thing from the theory of poisoning. With the meals of food or lack of oxygen poisoning. Which are subject to taste and choice. Or the theory that the pilot lost the consciousness of all onboard the plane. By depressurizing the plane and wearing his oxygen mask.

I think that this action would not work because the co-pilot was beside him. And he would certainly intervene and prevent him.

In addition, the depressurizing of the plane at a level of 35,000 feet would cause destruction of the fuselage. And transformed into something like a cigarettes box stomped by feet and falling over the territory or beaches of Malaysia. And I think that the common factor that brings the people of Southeast Asia together. Is their love to drink tea especially Malaysian tea which is popular for all. So, some conspiracy theorists have pointed to tea poisoning. Of course, highly unlikely.

This act could occur by mixing the tea with some substance. Or adding it to the boiler of the hot water of the whole beverage. Or shared by others on the ground before takeoff. And this may be the secret to not resisting the passengers to the hijacking and changing the path. Throughout approximately 5 hours or not to call their relatives or respond to their calls.

Where several of the passengers’ relatives said that they were calling them and found a bell without a respondent.

From this point I think that the Hijacker began his work towards the target. And he had to reach the target location. Before the passengers woke up and most importantly before the first of the daylight. So, we have to look for the plane along the line of a circle. Whose center becomes the moment the plane disappeared from the military radar screen. And its radius is the distance of traveling until the moments before the beginning of daylight. Because the hijacker had to land the plane without navigational aids but visually.                                                                                            

Is the MH370 found?

On the circumference of this circle, we find a band passing over the following countries. South of Indonesia, Maldives, India, Nepal, China, Taiwan, and then archipelago of Philippine. Which consists of massive numbers reaches 7641 islands, so it is the best for disappearance from this point of view.                                                                         

As well as according to the topography of these countries. And the jet lag or the time differences of sunrise between them. Moreover, the parts of these countries which are located on this strip. Have unequal sharing of the opportunity of the aircraft landing. And I think the islands of Philippines have the biggest share from this point of view.                                               

Is the MH370 found?


I do not think that the deviation to the west direction for more than an hour after 41 minutes of takeoff. And then the disappearance of the aircraft from the military radar screen and so far, I do not think it happened as a coincidence. But I think that this deviation has occurred according to advanced planning and accurate timing.

And I believe that those who controlled this plane planned to stay the remaining hours of the night. Hidden from the eyes of the radars by darkening the aircraft. And switching off all its internal and external lights. Furthermore, flying at low altitude close to the sea level. Starting from the moment the plane disappeared from the military radar screen. Until it reached the place where the Hijacker wanted to land with the beginning of the day light.

This period, estimated according to Kuala Lumpur city time from 2 am. Until just before 6 am. (about 3.45 hours). In order to depend in the landing on the “Visual” without relying on Navigation tools.

The plane hijacker planned to remain hidden all the night in the sky. So he took this long and winding path away from his target destination. Which I think it is the western islands group of Philippine for reasons I will mention them later. Starting from the deviation to the west after 41 minutes from the takeoff for an hour. And then return back to the east direction on a path that passes over the Malaysian-Thai border line. A blind zone for the Air Traffic Control. Apparently, Captain/ Zaharie Ahmed Shah deliberately flew above it previously. The hijacker did all of that to gain more time to land the plane. Just before sunrise. To use the dim light to see a road or runway fit for landing. Possibly prepared in advance.

Is the MH370 found?
Is the MH370 found?

The hijacker (whoever he is: one of the 2 pilots, one of the crew or one of the passengers). Will not find in the north, south or west direction. A landing place suitable for this time program that ends with landing just before the first light of the day. But he will find his target destination in the East direction. And he will arrive with the first light of the sunrise. To the Philippine archipelago of 7641 islands can choose from them what it fit him to land.

Moreover, especially the group of western islands which form the basin of the Sulu Sea. And which are the first ground that will meet the plane with the first daylight. After flying overnight over the “South China Sea” close to the sea level. Such as the island of “Palawan”, “Mindanao”, “Badian”, “Negros”. As well as the Sulu archipelago and its largest island “Jolo” till the east of Kalimantan or Borneo Island. At the end of this archipelago. Which if the hijacker decided to land and hide in it that would have been a smart decision. Because the follow of the northern part of this island to the State of Malaysia itself.

Is the MH370 found?

And the overlap of the border lines in this area between 3 countries. Which makes it a blind area for the Air Traffic Control and these countries are Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippine. Also the borders lie between the many provinces of this island. Especially the provinces of The North and The East Kalimantan. Which are located on the eastern side of the island directly on the coast of the sea. So the landing between them may have been the easy and incredible choice. Especially for the availability of the forests and  the large number of swamps there.                                 

Is the MH370 found?

So I think that the search in these islands should be in the abandoned airports and the roads. Which are suitable for landing. Taking into account the inevitable occurrence of the overshooting for this large plane on the short runways. Of these local airports or the old military airports since the second world war. So the search for the plane must also cover the terminals of these runways. And the roads especially in the areas of swamps, forests, bushes and the shores                                                                                           

And the following is a sample of these abandoned roads and airports in Philippines state and Borneo Island:

The hijacker would not find these suitable conditions for the landing in the same degree. If the plane headed for the north, south or west direction. Starting from the point of disappearance from the military radar screen. He becomes obliged to spend the night flying by the plane with its lights off. And at a low altitude above sea level as well as landing before the first light of the sunrise.                                                                                      

In the north, as soon as the night passes in a blind flight over the forests of Thailand, Laos and Burma.

And after the first sunrise light, the plane would find itself over the mountains of Nepal. Or politically and militarily inflamed areas and their airspaces monitored from multiple international parties not only by radars! But also, by satellites. And it is easy to detect any flying object on their territories such as India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. And that make them not suitable for its landing and disappearance. As well as the main destination of China which he refused from the beginning.                            

a satellite monitoring MH370
Is the MH370 found?

And in the South direction, the aircraft would fly all the night hours over the islands and forests of Indonesia. Without being able to land on these tropical islands without navigational assistance if the hijacker intended to hide. After the daylight, the plane would find itself over wide areas of water that will not give him anything new. Then the water he left in the north if he intends to commit suicide. In addition to that the plane would be visible from an aircraft or a ship in its low altitude to escape from radars.          

The matter will be more complicated if the hijacker decides to land in the west direction. Because the jet lag or the time difference is positive. The hijacker would need to decelerate the aircraft speed nearly to the half to reach Sri Lanka. Just before the sunrise in nearly 8 hours or Madagascar in 11 hours from leaving Kuala Lumpur. And this Lengthening in the time of hijacking is the last thing a hijacker thinks in.                           .                                

If the pilot of the plane, Captain/ Zaharie Ahmed Shah is the one who planned. And carried out the hiding of the aircraft from radars and human eyes as rumored. I think he leaked to us a coded message. One symbolizing the place of hiding in the first picture. Leaked to the world of him in home. That the drawing on the sofa is symbolizing an archipelago.                                                                                                                        

As if he wants to say that whoever wants to find me and the plane. He should look for me on an island of some archipelago and not in the ocean. 

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Is the MH370 found? Written by Chief Engineer/ Ismail Hammad


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Is the MH370 found?