Is Russia Going To War With Ukraine ?

Is Russia Going To War With Ukraine

Is Russia Going To War With Ukraine : My friends in the Ukraine are scared. Many are booking flights to Western Europe, Asia or the United States. Russia has mobilized troops along Ukraine’s eastern border.

Throughout Trump’s presidency Putin became more passive in his foreign policy dealings, many people thought Trump’s impetuousness and bully style of politics would naturally equate to a massive US retaliation if Russia were to escalate.

Russia’s military is many times the size of Ukraine’s, however recently the United States has been sending more weapons recently to Ukraine for their defense.

However many doubt if America’s new president will have the stomach to go to war with Putin over Ukraine so early in his presidency, of course time will tell.

Russia’s currency has been falling of late, so strategically it would be beneficial, but economically detrimental to Russia.

The rest of the world will cut off Russia economically and financially so trade will be reduced, but if Putin thinks that a military strike could spike oil, the main bulk of the Russian Parliament’s annual budget, then it could be in his and Russia’s financial interest.

Russia is much more primitive than one could imagine. Admirals live in apartments worse than some of the poorest apartments in Harlem. Outside of Moscow, in the suburbs Russians still use outhouses.

Clearly Putin is thinking as a strongman oligarch and thusly he feels the only way to strengthen Russia and his power is through aggression.

Putin has even joked about how “nothing works” in Russia. So if he is not investing on the inside, he will be investing in the foreign policy, which for Russia has traditionally been military aggression.

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