Is Range Rover a good car?

Is Range Rover a good car?

Land Rover Vogue

So we have driven the new Range Rover for a month.

And yes, we are impressed!

The most luxurious of the SUV’s continues its reign at the top.

The seats are deliciously comfortable. All of the bells and whistles you can imagine. From seat heaters and coolers to individual chargers.

We really can’t stress how comfortable the experience becomes.

The steering wheel holds the road at slower speeds. At higher speeds, however, not its strong suit.

Furthermore, the automobile is built like a tank. My last Range Rover was hit from behind at 70 miles per hour. However, we walked out of the car. Not a scratch. So 10/10 for safety!

What don’t we like about the Range Rover?

Handling at high speeds. Not easy to park. Super expensive. Haha. Just kidding.

In regard to the functioning. We have no complaints here.

Lastly, the fuel efficiency fails. There is no fuel efficiency. Expect huge amounts of gas spend. So don’t buy it. If you want to save money.

In conclusion, mostly we liked everything about it. However, just takes forever to order one.

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Lee Spelman

Is Range Rover a good car?